The Four Signs of Children's Past Life Memory

Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by Deborah, Aug 1, 2003.

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    My friend's daughter at age 3 spoke about her "other mother" her sisters (she named them) and she was consistent with the names. She is an only child. Now she is 5 and doesnt remember, but it was alarming. It was sad bc she missed them.
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    My Mom has complained multiple times of how I was back when I was little so certainly #4 on the list but she never told me as to anything else and sadly the years have passed by so no past live memories that I can remember from those years. I am like an old man she has said and the quirks didn't stop in childhood at all so it is interesting and sometimes difficult to go through the feelings as well old ways of thought. Certainly has had me go through some phases like they were periods in time.
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    Four signs of a pastlife in a child

    -my great nephew zeriyah who is only three years old.

    Last year he drew the perfect picture of a helicopter on an etch a sketch that was in the vietnam war back in the 60's minus the wings....i'm sitting there asking him "is that a helicopter?" he told me that yes it was his and then he drew smoke as if the helicopter had crash landed somehow. that's the feeling i got before he wandered off to play elsewhere...My sister, his grandma doesnt like reincarnation stuff, yet she was a proper english gentleman in a previous incarnation. i often wonder if Ryah could tell me his "other name" should i help expand the memories?? my other great niece who only has a small hand on one side...She was my daughter in a pastlife of mine....back during the 20s, we were in louisville Kentucky she was named Kathryn in that life though....Her mom named her Kalina in this lifetime...coincedence?? i dont think so....also she had the same hand deformity back then too...Same hand if i remember right. She is in elementary school now....She never made it past infancy as Kathryn....She and i still share the telepathic connection.
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    Thank you so much for this post : ) Very interesting to read. I recognize the things described in m little girl, always one story that was consistent, very much "matter of fact".
    When we were at the beach one sunny day and she was very young, she was looking into the water, just saying without any emotions to it, that after you die/drown you go through the light. She went on and on about that you could not see the lights now, but when you were deep down in the water that was when the light came and then everything was alright again. I was like "OK...". I had not expected that ! She had nightmare about drowning but then leaving into the light. I did not know at the time what to do (I did not know about this forum for example) so I just tried to adapt to what she said, and see if she was OK with it. I would ask "Is there something else about this you want to share with me ? I would like to hear it, very much, if you want to ? ", she would be like "Nope" and be then off talking about something else and doing something else, so the moment had passed.
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    There is one thing I can add,

    I started having past life recall when I was about two years old,
    It was a mix of dreams I didn’t understand, but weren’t pleasant, kind of abstract,
    And vivid memories that I confused with this life’s experiences,

    I would sometimes wake up crying, because of the feeling of a dream, rather than the images,
    I had the same dream over and over again for around 16 years,
    It started out abstract, two tone images that didn’t make sense,
    Years later the image was still two tone, but an image that I thought was a large spring stretched out (when I was a kid I wanted to know how everything worked, to explore I would take anything I could apart, I took many clicker pens apart LOL, and that why I thought it was a spring, ) that was the only thing in this life I could relate to the silhouette of that image, at this time the image looked like a photo negative, but as the years went on the details filled in, until I was about 18, then I got the full color full detailed image, the large “spring” was actually barbed wire, and at the bottom, tangled in the wire was the rotting body of a dead solider, ill spare you the gore lol
    But it had been there some time, chest was caved in, the uniform bloated from soaking up water, not pretty,

    Thing is, it had always been the same image,
    The shapes and feeling never changed, just the details,

    I think children remember their past lives constantly, but either misinterpreted them, or it’s filtered through the understanding of a child’s mind as they try to make sense of it,

    Something was protecting me from that full image as a kid,
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    Yes 100%, I believe that everyone has either a guide or angel, I have 4 kids and we've always known when their angel was with them. Even you Sandy have either a guide or an angel. I bet there were many times your son was entertained by his angel.

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