The many biblical characters who visited Edgar Cayce

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Angela Hendrickson, Jul 28, 2019.

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    I am a long time researcher of Edgar Cayce's work and have read thousands of pages in private study.

    It suddenly occured to me today: seeing as Mary Magdalene and many of the apostles eventually found their way to his offices only to find out who they truly were.. has anyone successfully identified WHO they were, any of them, their real names.. and MOST importantly it would be incredible to see photographs of these people if we could just find out who is attached to the number, as most all of the readings the identities are hidden by being assigned a number.

    Has anyone found out WHO gladys davis' cousin actually was? She was the reincarnation of Magdelene. It would be sensational to see a photograph of her.. or Andrew the apostle for that matter.

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    Im not sure what you're asking for. Perhaps I need more coffee. You want pictures of the people who worked with Edgar Cayce and remembered living during his time? I'm sure they kept it hidden considering the time period, but maybe researching through and using Glady's Davis' as a starting point you can find it. May I ask why the interest? Why does it matter what they look like now ( or when they remembered?) I am curious.

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