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    Paris, France
    I remember a few lives in middle age. I note there are a few monks here, and I was one too. I was a benedictine copyist in Italy in 11th century. My abbey was ravaged by an attack of normans, and I lost my faith in God.
    It's interesting to see that earlier I had another life as a viking, and I was part of raids on cities and abbeys. Good example of karma, no ?
    I had another life as an esquire of a knight in actual Belgium. And one as a thief punished by pillory.
    These are the lives in Europe. But in middle age I had also two lives in India: one as a yogi hermit, and one as a female dancer in a temple ( a devadasi).

    It's difficult to talk about a life in two words, it's reducing. There's so more to tell about each of them...
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    I’m taking this chance to leave this here for anyone who might possibly come across it in the future and see it. Anyone from the late 14th century, possibly from the royal court? I know I was Alice Perrers, lady in waiting to Queen Philippa of Hainault, and mistress of King Edward III of England. I have already found one person from this time and place, but I’m taking the opportunity to reach out and see if anyone else finds any of this familiar.
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    I recently did a past life regression using a youtube video by Brian Weiss. As I went back, I experienced being in a very constricting set of armor, and I think it was probably in the early 15th century and I would think also in France, but as I was in this suit of armor, suddenly I was amidst a group of dancing women who were gaily dressed and it was a wonderful time, but this was a very very fleeting memory and I don't know yet quite what to make of it, but it was quite a vivid memory and I think it was probably true. It was a very happy experience and I am interested in looking into it further, perhaps even doing another past life regression. The youtube regression with Brian Weiss was only a 30 minute session so I think I may need to do a longer regression with a CD which I got recently. I am quite new to past life regression so any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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    I only have Medieval and before memories for some odd reason.

    A few small memories from 1100's Japan. Mostly sitting quietly, riding horses, walking down streets. Contemplating my own impending demise. The little stuff.

    Then there was 1200's in England. I have this really vivid memory. I was with a group of people where I was either in charge or high up on the chain of command. We weren't decked out for war, yet suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by soldiers and were forced to surrender. I was being manacled by someone I knew quite well and felt extremely betrayed they would do this to me (even if I did or did not deserve it). Then there was a sequence of brief glances at being imprisoned.

    You'd think I wouldn't like the Middle Ages, given the negative experiences. I still love them, always have.
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