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Discussion in 'Members Lounge' started by Aftrbrnr, Mar 21, 2020.

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    Hello, and brings me with a heavy heart to announce that a member on this forum, dking777, passed away just under two months ago on January 28th at the age of 59 in California.

    I’ve never met David Paul King in person, but he helped me through a difficult time in my life at the end of the 2000s – beginning of the 2010s. I wanted to meet him back around that time, but David was very reserved to some of the people he met on the Internet. I only found out about David’s passing recently because I went to check up on his Facebook a few days ago only to see his father had announced his passing back in January, along with a birthday wish to him earlier this month on what would have been David’s 60th birthday. During the last few months of his life, he made a lot of posts from a hospital where he underwent a few medical procedures including surgery, I am guessing he passed from a complication.

    David wrote down a lot of stories, but a lot of them were on a website he had earlier in the 2010s that is no longer up. The Wayback Machine or unfortunately did not archive many of his blog posts, and I thought most of those stories were now gone.

    I recalled his Internet handle, “dking777” and searched for that to see what it would bring up. Among the results were some posts here on this forum, and I am elated to see that at least some of his stories he has written out are on here. Some other forums he used to post on such as the ones for and NDERF are now gone, and I thought his online footprint in forums was gone forever.

    I noticed David hasn’t been active on here since 2016, though it appears he has been around since 2003 and has been intermittent with his activity. It appears no public obituary has been made unfortunately, and his Facebook profile wasn’t public either so linking it won’t show the posts his father made. If someone really wants me to, the most I can do is take screenshots of the posts.

    A part of me wishes I kept in contact with David more, but that is a bygone now.
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    Thank you for informing us.
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    Hi Aftrbrnr,

    Thank you for bringing us this information. I am really sorry to hear this. I remember DK well, and have often wondered why he stopped posting a few years back. He had a very unique perspective and seemed to have been a man who had many revelatory experiences in his lifetime. To my recall these included NDEs and it often seemed to me that his health might have been fragile throughout his lifetime.

    He was also a man who was always interesting and compassionate. May his continuing quest be filled with all the things he hoped for!

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    A warm welcome and a virtual hug, Aftrbrnr.

    Sorry to hear that your web friend David has passed on.
    Hope you believe in reincarnation, because when you are sure that the soul survives and even may return, death looses its threat. The loss of a close person, and be it a web friend, still will hurt and you will miss that person, of course. But when you are sure in your heart that David isn't gone forever, that his essence persists, this will give you a lot of comfort.
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    I joined this forum because of his stories God speed David x would you make screenshots of the post please? I m such a huge fan of his . How kind of you to let us know . I never knew him, but had a great resonance to him and found him enthralling
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    Sorry for the lost of a member here. I never knew David in person or here on this website. However his translation is apart of the full circle of life here on the physical plane. And I have no doubt that he has been well received on the middle astral plane were he will continue to grow and evolve as soul. Funny as while I write this I feel as though his stay on the astral plane will be brief and he will spend most of his heaven life on the mental plane instead as I senses he was a writer of sorts on earth. So he will perfect this more so on the mental plane along with other dreams and aspirations that where not realized or manifested while on earth. If he so chooses to come back to the physical world it will be some time before he does as the earth will need to grow up lot in terms of global consciousness before that happens.

    Happy travels on your journey home David....

    Love and peace....


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