The Shinsengumi, Toshizo Hijikata. A memory.

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    Okay, you know you're not normal when you spend three hours crying over Japanese Samurai (I don't know why I do it to myself),
    and now I've finally stopped, and my face isn't a puffy mess, I wanted to share them with you, and the tales of the Shinsengumi,
    who in my view, were the greatest Samurai of Japan.

    I don't know if this branch of the past relates to anyone? But for some reason they speak to me, I'm undoubtedly drawn to the Shinsengumi.
    There's something about them, something I haven't been able to put my finger on.

    I don't know whether it's the honour, or the determination, the skill, or the men themselves that I hold so, so dear,
    or if I knew them, or knew of them,
    But if I could go back in time, I would have given my all to fight beside them.
    Those men are.. I don't know, almost a part of me somehow.

    I don't know if I have any ties at all to the Edo period, but something about it keeps calling me back, and I can't help but
    cry my silly heart out when I watch them fighting for what they believe, and I'm not one to cry easily.
    So please, let me share them with you, the memory of the often misunderstood Shinsengumi, the beautiful Wolves of Mibu.

    Introducing the Shinsengumi,

    This video introduces you to the men at the forefront of the Shinsengumi 'police' force,
    With outtakes from the Shinsengumi series, which is both a real joy and a horrible pain to watch.
    A bit of acted violence in video, but no blood.

    You can watch the entire series online, simply called 'Shinsengumi', there are may versions with English subtitles,
    my Japanese is ..alright, but pretty rusty. I hope the history enlightens more people to their journey and cause.
    Hope you're resting in peace, all the proud men who fought and died.

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    Hi Cassie,

    Once again I do understand the underlying pattern without having the same memories as you.
    Being a member of a gang or going to war together is a highly intense experience of brotherhood.
    I know. And vows of honor can travel with you through many lives.
    Loyalty, honor, man's word.... invisible chains when they remain intact but out of context...

    It's up to you if you want to stick with those concepts. I guess this is a bit too early for you because you still have to find out your past first (your Japanese past). I guess in daily life you also give high value to promises, loyalty and so on.
    It's not an easy path and they keep you bound to Earth, although you might think the other way around. In the spirit world, they don't count (as far as I understand).

    Did you already try to meditate on your Japanese past? You said you have an elementary knowledge of Japanese... so you might discover more interesting details comparing to people who have no knowledge at all about the language.
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    Hi Cassie,

    I don't know too much about the Shinsengumi myself, but I know two of my friends (twin brothers) have memories of being Okita Soji and Kawakami Gensai (an assassin in the late Edo period). Maybe if you have questions or want something confirmed I could talk to them about it. I'm not sure how much they remember but I know they've had memories.
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    So sorry, I actually forgot which site I'd visited and had to root through my emails to find the address for this place again.
    One of your friends believes they were Okita Souji? 沖田総司 
    That's a pretty incredible claim, not that I'm doubting them (though naturally we should all doubt what we believe occasionally to keep our feet on the ground), I just figured that Okita would become a Kami when he died, like a .. revered spirit. as opposed to another person.

    But any link, however small might help in unlocking anything in me that might be found in the Shinsengumi 新選組
    Specifically involving Hijikata Toshizo 土方歳三
    For some reason I just can't get that man out of my head, It's impossible.
    I get led back to the same points in history, no matter where I divert to, or from. There's just something about him I can't shake off.
    Those blue uniforms are burned into the back of my mind!
    What it was like to face him in person.
    What it would be like to hold a sword and to fight for him, not even giving a squat about the Shogunate 将軍 .

    I guess I'm not sure if I have any questions for your friend, I know quite a bit about Okita Souji's history as far as the tragedy of his passing goes, I always presumed he died quite early on, but really not that early. I've had Tuberculosis, I can fully understand the kind of pain and discomfort living (and dying) with that would have caused.

    If your friend is up for discussion I would like the opportunity to talk in general.
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    You know, I always had a weird draw to that period too. I was watching show with some historical figures in it and was extremely taken by Toshizo as well. And you do have to love the fashoinable blue jackets.

    In my case, it is probably a fluke. I was in the Genpei War, helping to set up the shogunate, so it makes sense I would feel an odd connection to the time period that fought for/against its existence. Also I am only mildly offended at your comments about who the best samurai were *wink*.
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