The Spirit World and Dark Matter

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    I may not be the first to realize that the universe of the spirit with its different planes of existence (apparently at different rates of vibration) may very well turn out to be the hypothesized Dark Matter that forms about 80% of the theoretical mass of the universe. We had some interesting discussions on the matter in a thread some time back starting here:

    That is a neat thread and very worth reading overall, so I'm glad to bring it up in a link. However, I thought the following article gave even more weight to the hypothesis:

    As you will see, the article basically hypothesizes dark matter that would form possibly more complex forms, and might give off its own dark light. There is nothing here that bars dark planets, or dark suns for that matter, though the field is young. Of course, "dark" merely means that we cannot detect it as dark matter reacts with itself, but very little or not at all with ordinary matter--except via gravity. Anyhow, it is worth bringing this idea out a bit more.

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    Interesting that you are aware of this. Science is coming very close to discovering the other dimensions of reality that make up our universe as a whole. What sciences calls dark matter is simply etheric or lower astral matter which is used as a scaffolding of sorts to mold and shape heavier physical matter into forms where the galaxy's, stars, planets ect.. that we can see and know with our physical senses exist. This dark matter or even dark energy makes up most of the mass of our physical universe even though we can't see or touch it. Gravity is the key to understanding all of this.

    Yet science says why is gravity so much weaker than the other fundamental forces of nature? A small fridge magnet is enough to create an electromagnetic force greater than the gravitational pull exerted by planet Earth. However one possibility is that we don’t feel the full effect of gravity because part of it spreads to higher dimensions. Though it may sound like science fiction, but if higher dimensions exist, it could explain why the universe is expanding faster than expected, and why gravity is weaker than the other forces of nature.

    Thanks for the links....

    love and peace

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