The true fate of the Romanovs

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    There are so many things incorrect here. I will illustrate a few. I have been studying the Romanov family for 15+ years, both in my country and in Russia. I can cite sources if you need them.

    1: Yurovsky did NOT wake up the family. He went to Evgeniy Botkin, who woke up the entire family.

    2: The Whites weren't due for another 8 days and they were the Tsarist forces aka not a threat. They were attempting to help the family. The reason they were given was fighting in the streets.

    3: Maria did NOT wear a jewel-lined corset. In fact, she was the only daughter not to be found wearing one.

    4: Anastasia was never referred to as "Nastya" within the family. That nickname was reserved for Anastasia Hendrikova. Anastasia Nicholaievna had many other nicknames.

    5: When they were killed, the daughters had hair barely reaching their shoulders. Not enough to "pin up".

    6: Ortipo and Joy were not in the cellar.

    I could go on but I think there are many people who confuse normal emotion towards tragedy with past life experience. I have met hundreds over the past decade and none with valid memories. Fortunatelly their lives and death we're extremely well documented.
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    These controversial opinions, so very passionate memories and personal detailed researches are interesting to read. Personally I don't have any connection to the Romanovs but I'm fascinated by the many details people tell and claim to remember that differ that much. HJD, may I ask you why you are interested in the Romanovs?

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