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    I wasn't actually going to mention this on the forum but I had another dream involving trains and being shot last night and I noticed a pattern. It seems that every time I have a dream like that it's always a day or a few days after I've just made a train journey in real life. I've been in Wales for a week, living in the middle of nowhere, so the train journey there and back was a good 10 hours long (I still feel like I'm on a train haha). I also did a past life regression while I was in Whales and came to some interesting things, but that's another post.

    The dream I have isn't the same every time but it has the same theme and feeling to it. I'm on an old fashioned train, sort of Wild West in appearance, and I'm either a woman wearing a dress in the style of the late 1800's ( I always think that I'm some kind of female writer) or I'm just myself. In one dream, I had a baby and husband with me (the baby was incredibly realistic in the dream and the husband was dark haired with one of those curled moustaches) but in the dream last night I was with a whole ton of people I know from real life. In the first dream, I got the idea into my head that myself and my family were going to be shot and killed but I had a chance to save them, almost as if I had gone back in time (makes me think of that series 'Quantum Leap' where he takes over peoples bodies to right wrongs that happened in the past). I decided to get up and walk to the back of the train for some reason and opened the door to see a whole group of men with guns.

    The men are different in each dream but I always think of them as an army that's invading. Once they were bandits, another time they were like World War style Japanese soldiers and another time they looked like they were out of the 1200's (my past life regression took me to that era) but had guns anyway.

    Anyway, I always try to run away in the dream and end up getting shot in the back each time. And in the first dream I felt horrifically guilty that I couldn't save my baby and husband. In the dream last night, where I was not in 1800's fashion, I didn't have the family with me but I still left to the back of the train after talking to people I know from real life who were panicked and acting like the train was a castle under siege (some of the train actually morphed into stone walls). I opened the door again and saw the men who were 1200's style. Except this time, I ran around like crazy, trying to dodge their bullets, only to be once again shot in the back, while the people inside watched in horror.

    Only in the dream last night, I wasn't killed right off (or at all perhaps?) and was lying on the floor coughing up blood as the men dragged me out of the train. The people inside, my friends, kept protesting that they leave me alone but didn't get out of their seats to help. One man (can't remember his face or anything about him) then began to get my clothes off and all I could do was put my hand in his face as I lay there choking on my own blood and unable to move anything but my arms. Luckily I woke up (died in the dream?) before he got anywhere.

    The weird thing, is that out in Wales when I was checking out an antique shop in some village (I can't write/remember welsh) , I picked up this book on impulse called "Light of the Western Stars" even though it didn't have a blurb so I had no idea what it was about. I looked at it the other day and it starts out with a woman in 1800's Wild West on a train journey of all things! And she gets into some trouble with a man when she gets off too.

    It's almost like someone up above is trying to tell me something. Luckily, I didn't get shot on the train back from Wales, but I have another journey coming up :eek:.
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    Uh. Yeah. Oh boy! Pack some bandaids. Be careful I'd say!
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