Visual Disturbances?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Helen Stephens, Oct 27, 2017.

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    Hey all, I'm very new here on the forum but have always been sensitive. I'm looking for answers because things are picking up...
    About a month ago I started seeing people walk backwards. I know that sounds stupid, but it looked like a video recording that was being reversed 1.5x faster. And it only lasted briefly.
    Then last week I thought I saw a tall man made of wood
    Yesterday I was leaving my boyfriends apartment and in the alley way I could have sworn I saw another tall man but he was completely dark and had arms too long and he was large like 10ft tall.

    Am I stupid? I've seen weird things all my life but not this weird... What's wrong with me?
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    Hi, Helen. From what I understand when the brain encounters something that doesn't match an identifiable element or experience it will invent squished together imagery (like a dream, only while awake) to fill the gap between the new thing and your capacity to understand it. Basically, what you're seeing may be how your mind interprets the unknown. This helps you become aware that you're sensing something, but what it actually is may not be what you're seeing ... I hope that makes sense.

    Your imagination can be an intermediary between pure spirit and the physical mind, like the app installed on your phone picks up info from the internet and organizes those zeroes and ones into information formatted in a way you can see or read. All apps pick up information from the internet, but each one has a completely different layout and search pattern for how it arranges that info. Every experience, book, story, memory, etc. of your life becomes a reference for this "app" to use to translate the info it receives into something you can register consciously.

    Once you start "seeing things" it's a good idea to start organizing your "mental app" and testing how it works. It is possible to change how you "see" certain kinds of information by changing which mental images you associate with a specific sensation or by listening for a voice explaining things instead of interpreting presence visually, for example.

    Meditation helps with this because it's basically time spent clearing out your mind and learning to focus on thoughts individually instead of in scattered batches as they spill through. It's a bit like going through a closet and putting things of the same kind together or labelling shelves so ideas are easier to find.

    Because of your interests and previous experiences, you're often going to register things differently than others with a similar sensitivity even if there is a general agreement that there is "something" to experience, so it helps to create an internal context and cross reference what you learn. Everything is connected, so experiences rarely pop up at random, even if it feels that way.

    You're usually open to an experience due to some aspect of your own attitudes, history, philosophy, fears, or expectations combined with the fact that you have the intuitive senses for subtle elements to register on a more than physical level. Still, what you sense will be a reflection of something within you at some level, and you can shift what can impact you by owning yourself, your beliefs, your choices, and your social and emotional space. Wise and healthy boundaries such as an attitude of facing the world with curiosity and respect, without fear, become a protection for you.

    Depending on what you are instinctively drawn to, you can create an organized and secure (meaning you've set boundaries so only you and your trusted guides are permitted access) mental space. For example, you could invent one that looks like an office with a screen on which you can "see" things, a library with books you can open to explore new experiences, a museum full of objects that will help you understand the context of experiences, a field where every flower shows you something you need to know, a spiritual council of your guides who gather to help explain things to you, etc.

    When you "see" something, take a moment to record or review it in that secure space. Try to identify any relevant contextual information such as locations, strange shadows, nearby individuals, recent experiences, etc. Try to be scientific and logical about what information you collect. Context is important to learning how you function and what kinds of experiences you encounter most. You seem very visual in how you register these events, but try to notice and record emotional impressions, scents, sounds, and pure information if there is any. Keep track in a journal or text file over time.

    Don't associate directly with or trust random beings that pop up at you, because it's easy for out of context experiences to trick you into false assumptions. Instead, ask your guides (guardian angel, higher self, spirit animal) to mediate for you and explain to you in a way that will gradually expand your ability to interpret these experiences. They can also be the ones who talk to it, interact with it, etc. Your guides can act as a protective filter between you and whatever the experience may be. This shields you from mistakes while you're still learning and also helps keep the phenomena at enough of a distance so you won't be as emotionally invested and can remain more logical as you learn more about how all of this works.

    Good luck.

    By the way, this is based primarily on my own experiences and what I've gathered so far from researching. There is a lot of information out there and some of it is very different. It may be that my methods don't "fit" you, and that's okay. This will at least give you a place to start.
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    I don't think that it's stupid or anything like that. I sometimes see people with no head. Am I weird? At this point in my life, I just don't care anymore. Good luck to you.

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