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    My Grand mother was born in about 1896 about 60 Km from Minsk White Russia. Back in those days doctors were only to be found in the big cities so common back woods folks used folk remedies laddened with prayer for healing. If that failed to bring about a recovery there was what was called a cheronitza. Basically a White witch of sorts. My Grandmother would tell me stories of individual instances of how these witches would work a cure for the common farming folks. The infliction would be described and then the witch would pour out some water on the surface of a table and in deep meditation, sing or say chants over the water pooled up and then sweep the water off the table with her hand and into a jar. Sealing the jar, instructions would be given to the person on how to use the water on the body of the sick person. I remember my grandmother saying the water was never to touch the lips of the sick person. It was said that this "water" would either cure them or they would die soon there after and normaly would cure them if they were of a good nature in health.
    As a youngster, I was familiar with the ceremonial use of Holy water in numerous Catholic services thinking this was nothing but symbolic mysticism of a by gone era. Nothing there hinted at water being a curative for ailments as described by my Grandmother. She did not perform these water incantations but knew of the village women that had first hand experience of it. Aside from thinking ol granny grew up in a very strange time & place, I never gave it any more thought being born & raised in the north east.
    Then I read a book review on Masaru Emoto's book "The Spirit of Water" and bang, all those old wives tails came flooding back to my memory. Iv had the book for nearly 10 years and thought I would plug it here for those that want the scientific truth about how our desires actually change the physical properties of water. Water responds in its composition to positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Emoto has a number of books on his research that is proof positive that we all have the ability to imbue water with qualities that balance and heal the physical body. Sounds far out there but numerous researchers have reproduced Dr Emoto's experiments solidifying the reality of his claims. If nothing else, read the reviews. Fascinating books turning what many would call mumbo jumbo witch craft into something resembling hard science!
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