What about people recognizing you from PL ?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by fireflydancing, May 11, 2018.

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    Most of our stories are about us recognizing people from a past. Do you also have stories about people who come to you saying they know you from a past life and you don’t have clue (and no memory)?

    It happened to me on a few occasions. Like a befriended woman who told me once (we were both drunk): I know you. From our first meeting, I felt that I already knew you. I know it is not possible. Maybe a former life but I am not into former lives.

    And there are two men who consider themselves being my brother. Sometimes people say things like that just to be friendly but these two are different. They proved it. They both announced it publicly. And their families agreed too.
    One of them is a descendant from India. He made me do the bonding ritual between sisters and brothers, that was important to him. His actual sister calls me sister too. His mother and even his grandmother agreed. He was dead serious about our bond. At a certain moment he was prepared to go to prison for me (wanted to kill people who had done wrong to me but I refused to give names). There was absolutely no romance involved. I did feel the bond too but no memory at all about past lives. We don’t have contact at the moment. He was/is a small criminal and not prepared to change.

    My other brother in spirit is someone who actually did change his life from bad to better. He had already changed before we met. He is absolutely convinced I’m his sister. When he went into (local) politics he made a biography in which he stated he was husband, father, brother.... He is only child
    His wife calls me her sister-in-law.
    But no memories about past lives. I have no clue.
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    My mom has called me by my first name from one of my PL’s. The way she said it made it seem like it just sort of subconsciously slipped out instead of my current name. I’m female and it’s a male’s name, and not one that we know anyone with either, so I do find that interesting.
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