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    A lot of books on reincarnation and spirituality say that we should make our conduct based on love.

    However, many social issues have multiple sides.
    For example, a rich person sharing his/her wealth to the underprivileged may sound lovely. However, giving them away in a way that deprives them of their motivation to work and stand on their own may not always be a conduct of love.

    I am not going to make a political debate here. Instead, I would like to hear your opinions on how such conducts will be evaluated in the spiritual world afterlife? For example, what if that rich person refuses to giving to the poor because s/he thought they may become more and more dependent on such donations and ultimately not good for their lives, not because s/he wanted to monopolize their wealth? Or should we always behave like a philanthropist when we can be?

    I am asking because I have been working on a controversial political issue like the one above, where both sides argue they are joining the movement for the sake of our community. Since reading about spirituality and reincarnation, I have been wondering how such a case will be evaluated in the spirit world... Your opinions are much appreciated!
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    I think every case is different, no general rules. Reincarnation is ultimately only about you.
    Personally I do not believe in judgement afterwards.
    I also think it is all about interaction with other people and the environment we live in. In my opinion itÅ› the reason why we live here.
    So, if you are rich, why not spend some of your money for the benefit of others? Choose a goal you are happy with and participate with the others to achieve it. If others become dependent, it's their problem to solve. And sometimes it is not a problem. In the past it was a hobby of many wealthy people to support artists. Yes, they were dependent of their benefactors but it enabled them to make great art. In perspective of reincarnation it might have been a soul-contract between the benefactor and the artist. They agreed that one of them would provide the money and the other the art.
    Sometimes the dependence is not good and it is a task to get rid of it, probably also a soul-contract.
    Every situation is different.
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    This reminds of one of Aesop's Fables: The Grasshopper and the Ant.

    Interesting to think about their karma. Is industriousness rewarded? Is lack of compassion punished?

    If you think of life on Earth as an education institution, then life's purpose is to learn some things, in an environment specially designed for this purpose. The goal is beyond the life in school.

    Is it more important to accumulate knowledge and skills than helping those that can't or won't do it by themselves? Maybe it's also about learning to balance and solve such dilemmas, and learning to make decisions.

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