what my daughter of 4 told us at breakfast

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    Saturday morning I was sitting in the kitchen having breakfast with my husband and my two children Anke (2 years old) and Laure (nearly 4 years old).
    Suddenly out of the blue, Laure told us:” In the past when I was grown up, I was married to Tina. But then I turned little again and I came to you (my partents).”

    I was speechless. And I got the chills.
    My husband ask her how it was possible to be grown up first and than become little again, but she repeated what she said before.

    That was all that happened. She stood up and started playing.

    I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened and I wished that I had asked her the right questions to find out more about that memory.

    That eveningt we went to a barbeque with old friends that we hadn’t seen in 5 years.
    I told them what Laure had told us that morning and they where very enthusiastic about it.
    They told me that they had read the first book of Carol Bowman and that it was very good.

    The next day I went to the library to search for the book and now I have finished reading it and I am very glad that I did.

    It feels all so right, like I had always known that we lived many lives before, but I was not conscience about it.

    I want to learn more about this and I am very curious about who my children were.
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    Welcome Annemie, and thanks for sharing with us! I am glad to hear that you are being open enough to all possibilities. (do you know who "Tina" is? ) Try keeping a journal of all things your kids say, and when they bring up things, try to ask simple questions casually, so that the answers will flow back.

    Take some time and read our FAQ section! It has lots of information. Please feel free to ask questions too and also, try out our search option! It might bring up things you want to read about.
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    Fascinating!! (And yes, do you know Tina?)

    If she reveals anything else be sure to share her memories!

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