Why Are People So Materialistic

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    [My avatar is Jizo Bodhisattva, the protector of children.] To me "materialism" means an attitude that denies all reality except what is seen or measured. In that sense it usually means atheism. I went through an agnostic phase as a young adult. Somehow I got snatched up by a religious cult which cost me all my money and which abused me relentlessly for 17 years. The cult was around music, figure that, and the cult leaders were musicians - a composer and a piano teacher. At first it seemed really neat (except for the requirement of sexual abstinence, a hellacious practice for mainly 20-something-year-olds), with all sorts of theories about "the other side", "guides", etc. etc. etc. I escaped it, but went atheistic for several years while in deep therapy. I became more spiritual though, with a firm belief in the transcendental nature of reality, the seen and the unseen. I'm now a prolific classical composer in a great marriage. But I sure had to pay my dues to get to this point. And I still have PTSD under major medication. But relatively speaking, life is good for me and my wife. So far, so good!
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