Will my daughter reincarnate and be with me again?

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    Thank you my dear, I was very happy early this morning when I read that you have a boy, it came with all the blessing. Be a good mother and protect him...you will enjoy him very much, and when he is in the age of eating, make him cookies, he will never forget that, my son who is 45 still remember his chocolate ships cookies and how big I made them for him and my daugh. This year your son will have his first Christmas take many pictures, and enjoy all the moments. Teach him well for him to be a good man.
    Can you believe that 3,500 years ago Sen-Mut did not believe in the after life. And he did not believe in past lives in this life either, but I proof to him who he was, and now he believes me. We still feels the same aches and pains from each other as in the past.
    I thank you again, please note that when you read my book, read the foot notes...I explain situations as of why I wrote on a third person, is because since I live that life, I know what that person was thinking at the moment because later in that life it were told to me.. I will like for you to leave a rating on my book in Amazon, when you read it.

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