Wishful thinking or past life connection???

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by ColourODarkness, Aug 2, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, feels good to be back on this site after so long!!

    So I got to thinking today, because my brain likes to constantly give me things to question - last year I got into a relationship that honestly felt like "the one" but he ended it rather abruptly despite everything being amazing on both sides (possibly related to karma from a life where I cheated on my wonderful wife at the time) - but I really felt like I knew this guy from a time before but never put a finger on how or who he may have been.

    However, my current relationship, whilst the feeling and bond is nowhere near as strong, I really connect to this guy almost BECAUASE I feel like I know him from back in WWII. I was a pretty lil dame from good ol' USA who flew planes out to the boys - there's just something about his appearance and his attitude, a lot of the time I look at him I see just a flash of him in a green uniform with a charming smile.

    So now here's the question this post is about...

    If you're a strong believer in past lives already, do you connect with people because you've had a life together before??? Or could it be that you just wish for that deeper connection so you make yourself believe that they're from a past life???
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    I can only give you my own experience ColourODarkness. I have met two women in my life that I felt instantly familiar with. To the point where I even questioned with one of them as to where we knew each other from when we had never met before. I didn't believe in reincarnation until many years after meeting those women.

    Once I gained past life memories I realised that one lady was a woman who rejected me and married another man in my past life ( she did the same in my current life ) and the other was my past life fiance.

    I never wished for a deeper connection. I felt those connections long before I had any experience with reincarnation.
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    One word "destiny".
    People from past lives will crop up all the time, the more lives you have. If you are a newby to the reincarnation game, then you won't have any knowledge of past lives. But you will still know the souls of the people around you. That is one thing you can't escape. When you planned your life out on the otherside that would have included the souls you get on with, as a newby. Of course if you have been before they will be souls that have problems with you doing things that perhaps you shouldn't have done. Or things you should have done like declaring your love for someone and didn't.
    I know on the otherside that I am always dealing with souls with regret.
    Ever get the feeling your on a busman's holiday:)

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