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    I'm about to start a new semester at college next week and for some reason I seem worried about that. I seem to be worried about being unprepared. The new semester starts next week and I haven't really started to get ready snd back into the routine of being in school. Then as if that isnt bad enough I have been considered for a job I applied for a couple of weeks ago and instead of an interview they want to test me to see what position in the company might be best for me. They sent me a sample of some of the questions and most of them seem to be math questions, which I'm not the best at. In fact I got a C in my business math class at school when I usually get B's. I'm worried I might not have the kind of skills they are looking for. But then again they did consider me to the point that they emailed me saying they want to test me. And maybe since they are a sales company they could use my skills in graphic design. What can I do to ease my mind. I dont want to go to the test all worried.

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