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Carole Louie

Soul Medium
I have been aware of ghosts since I was a child; however, I was a reluctant medium until my father’s restless spirit came to me at his funeral. When I learned more about the afterlife from Dad’s experience and from others who came to me and asked for help, I could no longer suppress my gift. I studied Sanaya Roman’s courses which helped me stay grounded and centered while learning to channel my Higher Self/Soul.

My father was a Chinese Buddhist, so I was curious about Buddhist’s beliefs about the afterlife and how they compared to my mother’s Christian beliefs. I am curious about all religions and philosophies as well as science and critical thinking. However, my conversations with ghost/spirits have taught me that Soul Mediumship is more than just talking with ghosts and that the physical and non-physical worlds are integrally connected.

My reincarnation research and Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy training adds another level of awareness to my skills as a Medium.

Advanced Regression Therapy
Thirty years of research, experience, and training have shown me that there is much more to Past Life Regression Therapy than going back to the past, dredging up old memories, and dealing with karma. While my interest in regression began for personal reasons to deal with flashbacks and PTSD, my passion for Past Life Regression kickstarted when I remembered talents from other lives and pieced together what I discerned are the “rules of the road on the reincarnation highway.”

After years of meditation, spontaneous memories, and self-hypnosis, I completed Past Life Regression Therapy training with Brian Weiss, M, D., and Carol Bowman; and Spiritual Hypnosis training at HCH Institute. I integrated these modalities with my Soul Mediumship skills to create Advanced Regression Therapy (ART).

Spirit Releasement Therapy
Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) is specialized to work with spirit/energy attachments. It is different from an exorcism. Rather than “casting out demons,” SRT assists the entity to choose a better way that does not harm another human and empowers the subject to understand the connection with the entity for healing. It is a conceptual framework that includes NDE (near death experience), OBE (out of body experience), PLRT (past life regression therapy), channeling in an altered state of consciousness, rituals for protecting and releasing, dreamwork, paranormal research, alchemical energy work, storytelling and/or metaphor.

I was even more reluctant to becoming an author than to becoming a medium because I had to overcome dyslexia and its side effects to share my/our stories. My ghosts and past lives became my muses, but it was the advice from my friend to let go of needing to be perfect that I realized my stories have a wabi sabi quality, and I embraced the perfection in imperfection.

When I sensed a book was in the making during the doubting stage, I bargained with the Universe about a short story. I said, “If Anne Marie’s story is published easily and effortlessly, I will continue writing the bigger story.” Then, I had a vision that it would be published by A.R.E. Press. Long story short, I Remember was published in the anthology From Ashes to Healing: Mystical Encounters with the Holocaust by Rabbi Yonasson Gershom, published by a A.R.E. Press more easily and effortlessly than I dreamed possible. For thirty years, the muses dictated, and I recorded their stories, and the publishing industry changed making it a lot easier to self-publish.

The Not So Secret Life of Emily Elizabeth was my first venture into writing/self-publishing. It paved the way for Conversations with a Hungry Ghost: Memoir of a Reluctant Medium. In a master writing class, I said, “If my book Conversations helps one person, I will be happy.” The instructor replied, “It already has.” He was right. Writing has not only been cathartic it has been part of my spiritual journey. The Legacy of the Lei Family Architects Lives On: The Story of Yangshi Lei, a story about my ancestors, and Unstuck in Time: Memoir of a Time Traveler, the bigger story about how my reincarnation research and past life experiences fulfill a promise to my Soul.
Richmond, VA
In 1990, I experienced an awakening that pulled back the curtain and exposed what I hid from everyone, including myself. I felt my father’s presence as I sat at his funeral, and I knew that death was an illusion. I began my spiritual quest to overcome my fears, to heal myself, and to know my purpose. For me, this meant accepting my ability to communicate with ghosts/spirits, to learn from their experiences on the other side, and eventually to understand the cosmology of reincarnation.

I blend what I do as a Soul Medium and an Advanced Regression Therapist into an eclectic style of healing and mentoring. Writing and teaching gives me the opportunity to share what I have learned with a broader audience because I know others are also awakening to their spiritual quests. Whether I am designing, doing a reading, guiding my client through a journey, teaching, or writing, the essence of everything I do is unconditional love.





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