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    Any memories of being elderly?

    I am not one of the youngest members ;) but I also think that this is an interesting question and thread. spontaneouly I can remember 3 past lives in which I died of old age - the one as a roman soldier - I died peacefully at home with my wife and my daughter at my side. also in my life as...
  2. Clivia

    Spirit Guides and past life connections

    Have you been very close to your grand father ? what do you feel about it - if you don't mind to share . Clivia
  3. Clivia

    New dream (more details)

    Hi :) keirannia and once more welcome I am looking forward to read more of your interesting dreams an/or memories there are many books about ancient Egypt on the market - maybe that helps as well Clivia
  4. Clivia

    What Matters Most

    Thanks for sharing your emotions Ailisch as it certainly is not so easy to share so deep emotions I am happy for both of you and the love you share )*()*()*($$)*()*( Clivia
  5. Clivia

    Fiction vs Non-Fiction

    I prefer non fiction - I think it's fascinating to read about somebody elses past lives though I have read quite good non fiction pl books as well Clivia
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    Experiences with the Woolger CD

    I absolutely enjoyed reading your memories Kislany. I too tried Woolger's cd and came across a new pl - starting from current's life's childhood play - for me it was jewish doctor ( also )in England :) am looking forward to read more Clivia
  7. Clivia

    Libri Italiani

    mille grazie per il sito internet e per il complimento :)
  8. Clivia

    Libri Italiani

    yes Luc I do :) - ho visuto tanti anni in Italia - ma il mio Italiano non e perfetto - preferisco parlare di scrivere :D Luc which Italian webpage to buy books would you recommend ?
  9. Clivia

    Libri Italiani

    Ciao Luc:) grazie per l'informazione - e benvenuto al forum. (scusa ma il mio Italiano non e perfetto e non ho una tastiera Italiana:rolleyes:) ) Clivia
  10. Clivia

    Magyar könyvek (Hungarian books)

    unfortunately I don't speak Hungarian ;) - so I thank you in english Thank you Kislany - good to see that the foreign language section develops :) Clivia
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    What do you do?

    Great thread :) it's nice to get to know each other a bit. Currently I am working in customer services - ok job, which pays the bills. Apart of that I also worked in the legal business ( 20 years ago ) and in sales. We (= my husband and I ) just started a new business and are really...
  12. Clivia

    What are you reading?

    on both of our shelves the books oile very high as we are both book addicted :D at the very moment Iam reading an absolutely fascinating book on Multi level marketing - never thought I couldfind something like that interesting:D apsrt of that I love to read a good thriller - don't have a...
  13. Clivia

    Photographic evidence of a past life

    Thank you for sharing these so interesting facts. :) Do you know this person in your present incarnation ? Clivia
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    Bücher in und auf Deutsch

    Roger Woolger healing your Past Lives - exploring the many lives of the soul=Vergangene leben heilen Reinkarnationstherapie in der Praxis mit CD I really liked the cd and found it very usefull Mir hat vorallem die CD sehr gut gefallen und auch weitergeholfenVor 30 Jahren hatte der an der...
  15. Clivia

    being gassed

    it does make very much sense Alaskanlaughter - and i can understand that at the same time you want to know more but you don't want to know more Best thing imho is not to force it - when you are meant to know more it will be shown to you Clivia