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    A story of a blind man

    All I can notice are sounds, smells, tastes. I can feel a touch stronger than ordinary people. I can smell a baked turkey cooked for Christmas, I can feel taste of traditional food. Brandy is so bitter. I still hear my parents talking about my future. They won't find any girl for me, I won't let...
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    What part of your life do you remember the most?

    Hello. Some time ago I heard that what we remember from the past are emotions. It is the truth if we are talking about our current lives. But how about the PLs? What I remember as my first memory from every recalled life is my death - to be more precise, my last minutes. They are...
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    a weird dream

    I was a princess. Holy Molly, I was a princess. Even though as a child I despised every princesses as much as a kid can despise, even though I cut my Barbies' heads and hair, even though everything what was pink made me vomit. But this night I was a princess. English or French princess, living...
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    Julius Caesar - past life memory or just a dream?

    Ave. We were writing about our PL's and it is possible we knew each other very well... some time ago. But your story about WW2 has interested me, too. I was a German, too (my God, destiny?) coming from Bavaria. Perhaps we didn't meet but it is really amazing as I think.
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    a peaceful life, until WWI (and some enantiodromia thrown in)

    You've got nice picture of your whole life! Do you remember, what came atter? You know, what I mean - the time when you died and thought, that you'll become a girl. Have you left your body?
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    How to find out more about past life?

    Hello! It could be either memory or a dream, but it looks like regression. To remind more details I listen to a music connected to concrete times or culture and think about it. You can also try autohypnosis. Look for videoclips on yt.
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    Southern memories

    Yeah, so it seems. But thanks for help, let me look for him on this website.
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    How do I find my name?

    I haven't tried anything more than self-hypnosis using yt. Do you mean the same?
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    My past life as an Indian

    Which tribe was it, did you come from the Northern America or from the Southern? You write about horses.
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    Male and Female Brains

    That's interesting. I do not remember many female PLs, just one little girl killed by Tatarians and one Italian woman, but I don't know much about her. I spent last four hundred years as men. And now it's difficult for me to think about myself as a 17-year-old girl. I'm a soldier, a man, a man...
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    Help tracking myself down?

    I speak Polish, do you need some help? In which year did you get into Auschwitz? '43? Just like me. Did you go 'from a ramp' to a gas chamber?
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    Superman, TV and Tango's ahead

    I have to watch it one more time. How did you get in those associations?
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    My Past Life As an Aztec Prince

    Hi! May you remember the century, you were living in? I was a conquistador serving under Hernan Cortes' command. My next life was kind of karma and I was born as an Inca. Would you like to say anything more about your PL?
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    Southern memories

    Well, since my childhood I've been interested in the subject of civil war of the US. No, not as history fascinate, rather like kid amazed to climate of 19th century or a background for my considerations. Some time ago I had started to look for information about that happening and then... then...
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    Tiger and Train Station

    Do you have any memories?