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I like designing "things", building, CNC woodworking, and reading.
Old enough to have three daughters, two grandsons, three granddaughters, and four great-granddaughters plus my wife's daughter's family.
SW Ohio, USA
Born in the late 1930s when the US was recovering from the Depression and before WWII, TV, internet, home air conditioning, and Participation Trophies. Back in the period when people took pride in their work rather seeing it as just a JOB. I knew when I was four or five that “I” was separate from my body and recalled being able to leave it at will and had several other paranormal experiences.
I had a very physical and full life until I had a life-changing brain injury (industrial accident) when I was thirty-three, on the day/hour of our thirteenth wedding anniversary, that resulted in the loss of use of my legs and left arm. After returning from the hospital/rehab of six month I found that my wife saw me as someone that “ruined” her life and remained distant for the years I dedicated to hopes of rebuilding what we once had.
Now happily re-married and retired after working for forty-one years (three professions), going to school/college for twenty-five years, and the remaining years being a kid, healing, and being retired. NOTE: My ex-wife is also happily re-married after fulfilling her roll during that period of my life.

(ENTJ, sometimes ENFJ and INFJ depending upon the test, very close to center on I/E and F/T scales)
Retired ironworker, counselor, and programmer


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