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Jun 15, 2020
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Should've been born a girl...

I affirm I WILL be female and have my desired body next life! That's how strong-willed I am about this. Feb 28, 2020

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Jun 15, 2020
    1. TheDivineOne
      I affirm I WILL be female and have my desired body next life! That's how strong-willed I am about this.
    2. TheDivineOne
      @Lo-Yao I never went to film school but I'm trying to start my film career, trying to save to make my first short.
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      2. Lo-Yao
        It's not neccessary to go to film school to make good films. Good luck on your first short! I hope you can whatever you want!
        Jan 30, 2020
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    3. TheDivineOne
      Does life ever seem to go fast? It's starting to. I can't wait for my next life but so much left i want to experience in this one.
      1. Ophelia3
        Life is far too fast and short!! That’s why I’m so impatient to do so much before my time!
        Jan 21, 2020
    4. TheDivineOne
      Am I a future-life psychic? I keep envisioning my next life.
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    5. TheDivineOne
      Don't pass me the idea of not reincarnating so there is no issue with my next-life gender. I had a male life and now i want a female one.
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    6. SeaAndSky
      Hi DO,

      To use an old-fashioned phrase, I think you are "in travail" like one in childbirth, only you're struggling and suffering through giving birth to yourself, your true self. New birth and rebirth almost always seems to involve a lot of suffering, but I'm hoping the best for you, especially that you can keep your eyes on the prize and not give up.
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    7. TheDivineOne
      Still struggling to find a way out of all this pain and suffering. It feels like i'm dying slowly inside
    8. Fantasy
      Hey i just read a few of your posts.. I'm a female.. Did plr and found myself transgender.. But after i did 5 sessions.. I understood why i was and beleive my.. My problems though not ended.. But still in happy.. Found happiness in many other things.. But not what i really wanted

      I even saw i had committed suicide in one life and yes my problems have grown only.. And i think i have taken over from that life
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    9. SeaAndSky
      Nothing in science that I know of, though it is a much used sci fi trope. There are also hints of this in the world of magic. But, it could all be nothing but blather and nonsense. My recall was that this kind of thing was a bit like a switch-off during astral travel, but its been a while. Perhaps it could be consensual and not evil (i.e., an exchange rather than an eviction). FTM switch with MTF?
    10. TheDivineOne
      Welcome, Nishu
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      2. Nishu
        Thank you.
        Mar 6, 2017
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    11. TheDivineOne
      Someone pm me - is there anyway to transfer to a new body at will?
    12. TheDivineOne
      I'm tired... spiritually and energetically. :(
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    Fashion designer, student
    A transgender woman struggling to find some solace in her life, and dreams of being born female in her next life.