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Apr 29, 2020
Mar 18, 2008
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The Proverbial Bad Penny, from High end shops the world over

I’m sorry, I’m only just seeing this now. I seldom come to this site. Message me here if you like. I’ll check in more often. Aug 19, 2019

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Apr 29, 2020
    1. VikingGirlTBird
      Hi YouAgain! I recognized your picture as the picture of one of my many extremely distant royal and noble ancestors and relatives from medieval England during the Middle Ages. I just wanted to say Hi, welcome to the forum (Even though you are not new any more.), and it is very nice to meet you (As the possible reincarnation of one of my many many ancestors and relatives.)! :) ;)
      1. VikingGirlTBird
        PS: Would it be ok if I follow you please? If so, thanks and I really appreciate it because I am really knowledgeable about the middle ages, I really love the middle ages as well, and I have had many past lives in the middle ages. Plus, you can follow me too if you would like. ;)
        Aug 21, 2020
    2. YouAgain
      I’m sorry, I’m only just seeing this now. I seldom come to this site. Message me here if you like. I’ll check in more often.
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      2. VikingGirlTBird
        Hi YouAgain! Hope you're doing well. I tried to message you but, it won't let me. I am hoping you will come back one day because I would love to get to know you and I am interested in hearing about your medieval FPL. But, if you are uncomfortable about telling me about your FPL and would first like to get to know me well, then I understand and that is up to you. Can't wait talk to you hopefully soon! Bye!
        Sep 14, 2021 at 7:47 PM
      3. VikingGirlTBird
        Plus, there are three more reincarnation forums online that were especially made for people with military past lives and FPL's that are private and are not open to the public and are extremely good at really making everybody feel really welcome and comfortable and have super strict rules against trolls that I think you might really like. So sense I can't advertise please feel free to message if you want the links.
        Sep 14, 2021 at 8:01 PM
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    High end shops the world over
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    graphic arts, algebra, languages, history, adventure games, shopping, restaurants, beauty in all its forms.


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