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    Syncronicity and coming out of the closet

    Yes I've had people come to me and ask me questions about everything from angels to pastlives. When I ask them "why" ..I always get; "Because you KNOW". It happens with strangers alot too. Maybe because I'm in California and it seems to be a more open subject here than it would be in the...
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    New girl - My own scarlet letter.

    Hi AnOrchid, While reading your post I was seeing your life as if it were a movie I was watching...hmmm. In your last life you were cold to women and never saw them as 'human beings' just as 'annoyances' to you. Now you are a woman and living both sides in your awareness; your past with your...
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    Jasmine And Her 'Camel'

    Thank you Angelcat for bringing us Jasmine's story and updating it as she grows! As soon as I read "Camel" and Plane in the same sentence knew it was a Sopwith Camel from Charlie Brown cartoon drawings! Snoopy sits on his doghouse pretending it's his WWI Sopwith Camel and he's wearing his WWI...
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    So where are you from?

    Born in Chicago and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where I still live :cool
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    How do you know dates???

    It depends on your method if you get a date or not. Sometimes even when you ask...you still don't get a date for that pastlife. Some are recent and obvious as when I had my pastlife come up in dreams of WWII. There's no mistaking that one. When I was a child I had years of the same recurring...
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    Importance of Daydreaming

    Yep, got my degree in Daydreaming too! :laugh: All my report cards said the same thing; 'She daydreams too much...what is so interesting outside that window?' ect ect ect....... I would leave the room--and probably my body for 40 minutes each day in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades! Florence, you are...
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    Spirit Guides and past life connections

    Thank you Deborah for reposting this thread---wow and thanks everyone who posted! I see a bit of myself in each of you and yes I've felt like you too Justin but hang in there. When the desire is there on your part your Guides will contact you more. I was 19 and alone in my room one day when I...
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    When a **Touch** triggers Past Life Memories

    This is a slightly different form of response to touch that I experienced. I had a Reflexology session just to see what happened and got an unexpected experience. The person who was doing the reflexology is an amazing old man from India. He doesn't touch people unless he's working on them...
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    Interview with Reincarnation researcher Paul von Ward

    Thank you Chris and Alexnovo! :thumbsup: If you go to the Reincarnation experiment link you'll see on the left side column; "Illustrative Cases". That contains a PL story of a man named Peter Teekamp, an artist who through some amazing occurances found he was the painter Paul Gauguin in his...
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    Interview with Reincarnation researcher Paul von Ward

    This is an interview with author Paul von Ward on Reincarnation with the Conscious Media Network ~ June 2008. He's researching Reincarnation for the book he's writing; "The Soul Genome". Interesting interview and I enjoyed his perceptions to link concrete personality patterns and data between...
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    Question about "Family Groups" and "Friend Groups"

    Great thread! In my experience with viewing pastlives and the other side not all of our Soul Family incarnates into your current or even all of your past lives. Sometimes A,B and C come in but you don't see D, E or F for a few lifetimes --then they show up. I think of it more as shuffling a deck...
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    If brain scans can read memories

    I'm with you on this Florence! VERY bad idea. Anytime science invents something it is first used as a weapon. Only much later does it find usefulness in the private sector. The last place you want the government is inside your mind! :eek: However in a perfect world....it would be great to...
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    Is this my first time?

    David, We do agree to 'resolve and balance' a certain amount of karma in each lifetime we enter into. Did I agree to see 3 people drown before I was 7 years old--the last one being my 2 year old sister and I found her? Maybe, or it could've been my father's karma because it was me who told him...
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    Is this my first time?

    Hi David, Welcome and Happy Birthday! I'm April 27th so I can sorta understand you. What I'm getting is that you enjoy all this effort by us to help you so you dig in further to encourage us to try harder! Actually it's YOU who needs to try harder, in all ways. I'm also feeling like your...
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    If you remember a PL, why, and why now?

    Hi Jody! Timing of things is always questioned in life...mainly because Timing is everything! Maybe you are wondering if this is the right time to ask or to pursue this pastlife? Do you meditate? Next time meditate with a notepad and pen then ask your higher self if it's something you need to...