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  1. Shiftkitty

    Monks In Short Robes and Long Pants

    This was a dream that had a connection, but I'm not sure what it's all about: I am a monk or a priest of some sort. My name is either "Beade" or "Beedle". I am with a superior and we are working together to save a man who is bent on self-destruction. We go out of our way to find this guy...
  2. Shiftkitty

    Was I A Spirit?

    I just completed a cross-country drive from California to New York. It was a heck of a journey both outside and inside. There are a lot of great people willing to help a traveler, and it seems the further from civilization you get, the more civilized people become. But that's not where I'm...
  3. Shiftkitty

    Sensing When Someone Has Reincarnated

    It's happened twice, now, I believe. The first was my dad. He passed in 2002 and a couple of years ago I had a dream rife with symbolism of his past lives, which he talked about frequently, along with imagery of rebirth and a name (Tyler), as well as a quick flash of the circumstance he was...
  4. Shiftkitty

    JWs and Reincarnation

    Some friends of our are Jehovah's Witnesses. To start off, I'm not here to slam anybody's faith. They have an interesting and refreshingly open view of Christianity. To hear them talk about their views is more like sharing and less like preaching. We engaged in Bible study because we (my husband...
  5. Shiftkitty

    Disturbing Graves

    I'm watching a show about a "cursed highway". Apparently it was built over some graves and the spirits of those who rest there have taken umbrage at this. If you're dead, you no longer need your body. You're not "sleeping", you're dead. The traffic can't wake you up, and it's not like you need...
  6. Shiftkitty

    Why We Remember What We Do (A Notion)

    First off, Merry Christmas! *tree**dance* Second, and the main idea I'm putting forth, is something that popped into my head while I was writing an article. Personally, I don't believe in fate. I believe that the things that happen to us that seem pre-ordained are actually the result of...
  7. Shiftkitty

    Dream Interpretations?

    Anybody here do dream interpretations? I never bought into the Freud bit about everybody's subconscious using the same symbolism, but I do believe we dream certain things for a reason. Usually, I can figure out what the things I dream of mean. For example, in my dreams, kittens scurrying around...
  8. Shiftkitty

    Fire Safety From A Four Year Old

    I know. I'm posting on Christmas Day. Don't I have a life? I have a wonderful life, thank you! I'm posting because it's just the two of us and Will is taking a shower right now, so I have a few moments to post something I read a couple of days ago. A parent was relating the peculiar habits of...
  9. Shiftkitty

    Realizing A Lesson

    Did you ever have that moment where you've learned a lesson in your life and you somehow know it's the lesson, or one of the lessons, that you were supposed to learn? I had one today and it's a strange but liberating feeling. I have yet to act on the lesson because I'm waiting for the...
  10. Shiftkitty

    Illumination Codes?

    Okay, I just woke up from a nap and I wanted to throw the dream out here before I forget it just in case it's something: I'm in a medieval monastery and am crafting illuminations for a manuscript. I'm working from a book of illuminations that has very specific instructions for what elements...
  11. Shiftkitty

    Another Combat Memory

    I've had snippets of fighting memories, and in all of them I have been either very brave or incredibly psychotic. This one was tripped by the opening scenes of "Gladiator", which is on TV right now. I was watching the Romans, trying to see if anything kicked up a memory. I was specifically...
  12. Shiftkitty

    Titanic Violin

    Just thought I'd post this for any Titanic folks out there. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/10/19/violin-that-played-as-titanic-sank-to-go-on-sale/ I have PL sensations (as opposed to memories) of a sinking ship, but I doubt it was Titanic. Things associated with shipwrecks fascinate me...
  13. Shiftkitty

    Wooden Blocks

    Over on Facebook I am in a group that does a lot of "Remember these...?" type posts. Today there was a picture of Walt Disney-themed wooden blocks (along with nostalgic musings of toys that didn't require batteries or have prescribed methods of play). I didn't have Disney blocks, but I did have...
  14. Shiftkitty

    Sink or Swim

    A radio talk show host used the phrase "sink or swim" today, and my mind decided to drop in a scene of youngsters, boys and girls, being taken to a cliff and thrown or pushed into the ocean. It was a survivable height, but still a terrifying fall. I think the cliff was on an island somewhere...
  15. Shiftkitty

    Memories That Don't Seem To Mean Anything

    Do you ever get PL memories that seem to be little more than snapshots? No apparent meaning behind them, no great revelations, just little snippets. For example, last night as I was meditating I entered a scene in the Southwest desert somewhere. I am a Native American boy who is on the verge...
  16. Shiftkitty

    For "Titanic" Researchers

    I know some folks here believe they had lives that perished on the Titanic. I found this link that has some photos of the passengers and crew and some biographies. I thought it might help. http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/
  17. Shiftkitty

    TV Show About Children's Memories

    Watching "The Ghost Inside My Child" on TV. Interesting show about children and their PL memories. Catch it if you can! It's a series, so look for it next week.
  18. Shiftkitty

    Dusting Off A Language?

    For the past several months I have been working on translating a game from French into English. It's been tough because I have no real knowledge of French. I've been building a vocabulary, however, of the written word in so much as when I see it, I can tell you what it means, and can even pick...
  19. Shiftkitty

    Message In A Dream?

    So after the dream about my father in a PL the other day, last night I think he may have been telling me something. Here goes: I am in an ancient Egyptian throne room. He had a PL in ancient Egypt though not as royalty but as a guy who stomped in mud to make bricks. But I'm there in the...
  20. Shiftkitty

    Red Letter Day! LOL!

    Wow! I finally saw a current life family member in a possible PL vignette! I was researching medieval clothing for a gaming project I've got going on and I drifted off to an unrelenting nap. (I blame the warm kitty on my lap.) I soon saw in my mind's eye an old man, a merchant of middling...