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  1. Shiftkitty

    Monks In Short Robes and Long Pants

    Thanks, I didn't know that about the long pants. I always assumed they of much later origin, like 19th century. As for the tonsure, I just can't dial in anything unusual about the hair other than it was short and black. Though religious life doesn't appeal to me in this life, I had a feeling...
  2. Shiftkitty

    Monks In Short Robes and Long Pants

    This was a dream that had a connection, but I'm not sure what it's all about: I am a monk or a priest of some sort. My name is either "Beade" or "Beedle". I am with a superior and we are working together to save a man who is bent on self-destruction. We go out of our way to find this guy...
  3. Shiftkitty

    Possible indication of past life?

    I'll start by saying that I found the relationship disturbing, but you probably expected that. How did you two meet? It certainly sounds like a PL relationship that decided to continue. But she began to ignore you after being rebuked? Makes me wonder if she learned the lesson she had to.
  4. Shiftkitty

    Was I A Spirit?

    I just completed a cross-country drive from California to New York. It was a heck of a journey both outside and inside. There are a lot of great people willing to help a traveler, and it seems the further from civilization you get, the more civilized people become. But that's not where I'm...
  5. Shiftkitty

    Childhood Interests

    Thanks, I'll check that out after the chaos of the move slows down. Maybe good reading while on the road!
  6. Shiftkitty

    Childhood Interests

    Knew of him, just didn't know his name. I'll have to check it out after we get this move done (California to New York!). Gonna have a lot of miles to meditate, wonder if anything will come up?
  7. Shiftkitty

    Childhood Interests

    Hi, Most of what I "know" I got from folklore books. Like any other fan of monster movies my first exposure to them (in this life) was via Hollywood. The aristocratic "Dracula" image never sat well with me, though, and don't even get me started on "Edward". If "Nosferatu" (the original Max...
  8. Shiftkitty

    Movies & entertainment from past times. as possible triggers.

    I don't believe it's just nostalgia that makes that generation so enamored of their movies. I do believe that the industry was turning out genuine masterpieces. I'm a bit younger than that era, but I can see how such cinematic epics that depended on artistry as opposed to CGI and flashy effects...
  9. Shiftkitty

    Possible past life feelings + recurring dream

    Thanks, and no, I don't get jarred by it. I grew up in a family that believed in reincarnation, so it was just expected that memories would come back from time to time. Sometimes a memory will be disturbing by its very nature, such as the clear view of being a berserker. That was a shocking...
  10. Shiftkitty

    Possible past life feelings + recurring dream

    I've had dreams expand over time, but it's usually over the course of a few nights. The couple that took years to expand were very symbolic. I did have one that showed up now and then about being on the deck of a sailing ship. I still don't have all of the details on it because each time only a...
  11. Shiftkitty

    My dad looks like my murderer

    You never know. I've seen your posts asking about Romanovs. I know there have ben a few on here with such thoughts that they may have been part of the family. (Not me that I know!) I hope you can make some connections with them. I've been away from the board for awhile and have only recently...
  12. Shiftkitty

    Childhood Interests

    Castles, knights, dragons (my first dream I can remember was of a dragon), folklore, the Dark Ages, werewolves, unicorns, damsels, kings, queens, serfs, peasants, etc. I also have always loved the night and rain. I have always had an angry aversion to vampires. They don't scare me, they...
  13. Shiftkitty

    Empaths and the Reicarnation Cycle

    I don't think it's related to past lives. I think it's a matter of being able to pick up on subtle cues. It can be psychic, I suppose, but I think most are similar to my husband. He's learned to read small bits of body language such as a slight change in expression, or a nearly unperceivable...
  14. Shiftkitty

    My dad looks like my murderer

    Maybe a bit late, but I'd like to offer some advice. He shot you then. He is not shooting you now. Make up your mind to forgive him for whatever it was, whether you were a Romanov or not. You don't need that kind of karma. He's your dad and there's only one of him. Cherish him now. Perhaps...
  15. Shiftkitty

    Memories of the Wild West?

    Something to remember about Westerns is that many of them are glorified. An authentic memory of the Old West probably wouldn't be so glamorous. Even the spaghetti westerns tend to glam things up a bit. There was this one actor whom I saw in a few westerns that were filmed in Canada. The actor...
  16. Shiftkitty

    Fear of Falling

    Is it possible that there's a perception problem or inner-ear issue that makes you feel just a little off balance? Maybe not enough to definitely make you feel wobbly, but just enough to say "something's wrong"? Are there other height situations that do or don't affect you in this way?
  17. Shiftkitty

    Sensing When Someone Has Reincarnated

    It's happened twice, now, I believe. The first was my dad. He passed in 2002 and a couple of years ago I had a dream rife with symbolism of his past lives, which he talked about frequently, along with imagery of rebirth and a name (Tyler), as well as a quick flash of the circumstance he was...
  18. Shiftkitty

    Revolutionary War and Colonial Memories

    You are instantly, and without any need of further introduction, my friend! LOL I've been told I was an American patriot from the day I was born. Lucky for me I was born here or things could get a bit awkward!
  19. Shiftkitty

    Wiccan or Psychic

    I've surprised myself with some of my answers. Something that I feel I should include, though I don't know why, is that I have a great deal of sympathy for the insane. I don't know why. I once saw footage of a mental patient struggling with two orderlies who were trying to hold him still so he...
  20. Shiftkitty

    Wiccan or Psychic

    Sorry, these questions got my attention, so I want to revive them. (Formatting and spelling corrections by Yours Truly.) Do your watches or clocks always seem to run either slow or fast? Not all, but I have a problem with clocks slowing down. Do electrical things seem to act strange around...