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  1. alaskanlaughter

    karma; destiny; & memory

    :) I really like your "food for thought"!
  2. alaskanlaughter

    How far is "home"?

    I have wanted to go to England my whole life. I've never been there. I had planned to go as a foreign exchange student while in college but then discovered I was pregnant. I chose to stay near my family and baby's father (later husband) rather than go off to a foreign country by myself. I...
  3. alaskanlaughter

    karma; destiny; & memory

    I really appreciate the discussion of this topic. I like to hear different viewpoints. Right now I feel that karma is very personal to one's soul and that you "reap what you sow." However I'm thinking over the whole perspective of positive and negative. What I do, for example, to someone...
  4. alaskanlaughter

    Homesick for a previous life?

    The last few nights have been very dense fog here and I've been out at night for random reasons, going to the store, etc. It sure makes me homesick for the place I remember, back in England, probably London. Fog and cobblestones and lamplight or lanterns hung above the streets.
  5. alaskanlaughter

    Edgar Cayce Dream interpretation dictionary

    Very interesting website. I don't dream often so I want to look back on it again once I have a detailed dream and see what it might mean.
  6. alaskanlaughter

    My Daughter is remembering things..

    Welcome to the forum! It definitely sounds like she is remembering from past lives. For me personally, it's just amazing to look at my children and realize that they've lived other lives in other places. She is lucky to have you to listen to her and not brush aside things she says. Thanks for...
  7. alaskanlaughter

    PL Memory or Imagination?

    When I was growing up, I was always told I have "such a good imagination" by my mother, as she shook her head at me. :laugh: To my parents' credit, they never tried to stifle my "imagination" or think I was lying. They just seemed perplexed. As I've grown up, I've been able to do meditations...
  8. alaskanlaughter

    Other lives

    The fears and reactions to most of those images seem to indicate that these are connections to past lives. Emotions play such a big part in our memories, whether they are of big or little events. When you mentioned the lack of feelings in the courtyard one where you threw up, it made me think...
  9. alaskanlaughter

    A cottage in Scotland

    I've also spent time online looking for photos of things similar to what I remember. I've found things that look similar but, like you, it's not exactly what/where I've been in the past. I understand the feeling of homesickness and wanting to "go back there." When I was little, I longed more...
  10. alaskanlaughter

    Something That Happened Today

    I wondered too if she remembered her connection with you from the past. I look forward to hearing more updates. :thumbsup:
  11. alaskanlaughter

    where is the memory stored? and other technical questions

    I love hearing everyone's opinions and experiences. I haven't really formed a solid opinion myself, so I really enjoy reading everyone else's. :thumbsup:
  12. alaskanlaughter

    Mannerisms and things children say

    Eagle and Raven are the two totems of the Tlingits of southeast Alaska. My guy is Tlingit and he is Eagle Brown Bear, Eagle being the totem and Brown Bear being the clan/house. :)
  13. alaskanlaughter

    Answers for a sceptic

    Like Chris said, every life is different and of a different length. In my most recent past life, I was killed at what I think was the age of 10. I know I was very young in that life. Looking back now, when I was 10 in this life, I was very preoccupied with dying and didn't truly believe I'd...
  14. alaskanlaughter

    My regression experience

    Thanks again for sharing your memories. It must have been quite amazing to have so many different lives come through from one regression!
  15. alaskanlaughter

    How did everyone start believing in reincarnation?

    Barry, thanks for sharing about your regression and your memories. I know sometimes it's hard to put such personal things out for everyone to see. You've had such varied lives, and still seen connections to some of the same souls. I'd love to hear about them, whatever details you feel...
  16. alaskanlaughter

    Answers for a sceptic

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Your son sounds like he's always shown some indications of a past life and its talents. Does your son believe in reincarnation? Have you ever talked with him about it? I wonder if he has any memories of this person's life.
  17. alaskanlaughter

    Remembering/recognizing people from Past Lives (merged)

    In my opinion, I believe we are tied to other souls through our choices, actions and karma. I believe some of us are going through life together because of it and possibly because we choose to be with them. I know that, in this life, I have known my current husband, younger son, sister and...
  18. alaskanlaughter

    Jasmine And Her 'Camel'

    Welcome to the forum! I agree, Jasmine's story is fascinating! :thumbsup:
  19. alaskanlaughter

    Appalachian Lives

    I have memories of what I believe was a brief life as a poor little boy in/around Appalachia. I don't know how it all connects together though. The most solid memory I have is of living very poor and dirty in this rambleshack wooden house out in the woods with this man (dad? i have no idea). It...
  20. alaskanlaughter

    My session with Carol, and memories

    Thanks for sharing that Equestrienne. :) I'm glad you had such a successful regression and I'm glad you chose Carol to help you with it. I wonder, do you know if any of your past-life family is with you now? Or was with you in more recent PLs?