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  1. spacecase0

    How to use pendulums?

    I have used a pendulum daily for 20 or so years, I am long ago convinced that it is the subconscious that answers it is not very logical, can't tell the future or past very well (but sometimes better than me), but is fantastic at knowing what is the best thing to have for dinner, or what...
  2. spacecase0

    This book says it can prove reincarnation. And it's free.

    that book is 134 pages, will take me a while to read it, but just thinking about the quoted section, I am personally convinced that each spirit makes alterations to the body it is about to inhabit (I get this opinion mainly from my plant breeding efforts ) I also think that each animal and...
  3. spacecase0

    What is happening . I feel like i've lost someone .

    worst case is that you loose them for this life, don't worry to much, there are many other chances in future lives to be with them, no one is ever truly lost
  4. spacecase0

    has anyone had a spontaneous recall?

    the only time I have remembered things form a past life, I have been fully awake and something triggered the memory or I went looking for a memory in the same state
  5. spacecase0

    Male and Female Brains

    just found this bookmarked on my computer form long ago (when looking for something else) http://www.ourstolenfuture.org/Commentary/News/2002/2002-1019-NS-brainsex.htm makes me wonder if some of use have chosen lives with familiar energies when choosing a life
  6. spacecase0

    Negative Entities: My Experiences

    from what I know, a thought form is something like a computer program someone practicing magic makes them to go out and do things, the issue is that they almost never shut them off when they are done, they go about doing other things after the task they were made for is done so when you...
  7. spacecase0

    Are you an empath?

    I am a yes to all but the second half of the first one and the first half of the 7th one
  8. spacecase0

    Experience with reiki master and her belief on reincarnation

    I tried a few SSRIs, one of the worst things I ever did, but then I know people that love them I suppose it is a personal issue trust yourself, if you think it is bad for you, then it likely is I remember at the start of this life thinking that it would be so very hard, and I clearly...
  9. spacecase0

    Male and Female Brains

    it appears to be a genetic issue, so it can be passed down through the family I have actually spent most of my life focused on spiritual work and alternative medical solutions looking for something to fix it (with little luck) if there is something I need to work on, then I sure can't figure...
  10. spacecase0

    Male and Female Brains

    my body map is wrong (how you tell where any part of you is at any particular time, it is how you can touch your nose with your eyes closed in the dark and not mess up) I feel the body of the other gender it is enough to drive me nuts with no social pressure at all the missing parts don't...
  11. spacecase0

    Male and Female Brains

    my first memory in life is that of the gender of my brain and body not matching I suspect that if it all matched that I would be ok with it, I even found hormones that if I take them it fixes the issues (but I can't take them for unrelated medical reasons), so maybe my true spirit is not...
  12. spacecase0

    Male and Female Brains

    I tend to think that pure spirit has gender as well, or at least a preference people seem to keep personality after they pass on, why would you loose only gender
  13. spacecase0

    Male and Female Brains

    I have thought about this quite a bit, I suspect that I might be unhappy as either gender at this point if it is some brain genetics causing the mismatch then that means that next life might be just fine, if it is my spirit, then I guess I have to fix something in me, and that seems much...
  14. spacecase0


    my mom has past life memories of being a native american, (now she is white) she has spent most of her life less than 1/4 mile from a past native village even now she loves this area like no one else I have ever seen I don't think death could get her to go somewhere else
  15. spacecase0


    my memories tend to be in the same areas, I am pretty sure this is because I show up back with my friends and at least my community and that we all have been reincarnating in groups that we like for a long time
  16. spacecase0

    Why do Christians think Reincarnation is Devil work?

    most of the reincarnation references were pulled from the bible long ago, something about not being able to control a people that did not fear death it is pretty well known history if you go look it up my guess is that some people never read that history
  17. spacecase0

    Split Incarnation Questions

    I figure that if I split my spirit, then each part is then it's own after that, am sure that we would all be closely linked, but would never be the same after the split not sure about trying to combine 2 spirits at any point, not sure I would try if it were proven to be possible also I...
  18. spacecase0

    Negative Entities: My Experiences

    I had the same things showing up to me when I was a kid, I eventually figured out that they feed on fear, not hard to get rid of them if you pity them for needing to feed on fear they seem to dislike pity
  19. spacecase0

    Paying the price for others' mistakes

    I have spent much of my life learning others mistakes, what I learned from it is to at least make my own mistakes in life, learning others mistakes does not help you there are some things I am forced into anyway, but I try not to let it get to me so much. have tried to set up my life as...
  20. spacecase0

    My try at a himalayan bowls meditation

    I had mine for several years before a guest I had visiting did that to mine, I was totally amazed that it could do that, but apparently it is common knowledge that they do that (remember to tap it before you start circling )