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  1. J

    Has anyone had a mental illness or a disability in a past life?

    I was born half deaf in this life.my ear was not formed properly when I was born.I was curious about this question too.
  2. J

    9/11- I think I have a 9/11 baby

    sometimes it can take looking at something familiar i assume to jogg memory.
  3. J

    i dont really know if this is right or not....

    welcome to the forum.Yes this sounds like a past life memory.It could be you died from drug related problems.have you ever thought about visiting detroit. A past life regression will help.there are lots of videos listed on the forum( for past life regressions). some videos work better than...
  4. J

    Some questions

    hi welcome to forum. this is not from experience just from what I have learned.when a soul reincarnates some of its energy stays behind in heaven. read some of the posts in past live memories it differs from person to person.some stay in a geographical area and some dont.some move from...
  5. J

    Past lives and depression

    it is very possible from the books I have read depression may be linked.as for "wasting money" there are some fraudsters out there who claim to be psychic and take your money.there are legit psychics too.I think this forum only lists psychologist(not sure if that is the right spelling sorry)...
  6. J

    Do Some People Just Not Have "It"?

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Every one experiences past lives differently. I still have not done a self regression. You will experience what you need to. You will get there. Time varies per person. Ask your guides for help.
  7. J

    Some questions

    Hi katelyn I started watching Ghost inside my child(its only been made available recently here)anyway in one of the episodes one of the kids talked about a miscarriage.In his case he got a bit scared before being born, and his soul did not go inside the baby.His mother then had a...
  8. J

    Chosen by future child?

    Let me be the first to congratulate you.The fact you and your husband had the dream means more then likely will happen.I occasionally have dreams of the future.(when I say the future I mean of this life)Have not had any dreams so far of after this life yet.Did she give you a name she wants to be...
  9. J

    Serious Questions

    I was born deaf on my left ear.I do sometimes wonder why I chose this life. But being deaf has made me a bit more compassionate towards people with disabilities. I agree reading the above books will help. An past life regression when you're ready might also help especially if you see the lifr...
  10. J

    The God experience

    Does anyone remember meeting God?(source whichever you prefer)in any of their incarnations.I had an accident when I was young and had a NDE.All I can remember from it was a very kind voice saying be nicer to your sister.My sister I use to fight a lot when we were younger.Am not sure that was God...
  11. J

    Two places at once: is it even possible?

    We are learning new things about the spirit world all the time.Could this be possible?Maybe.Have you every watched those medium shows.Sometimes we leave our energy in places we love or sometimes favorite objects.So it is possible the spirit(or ghost)has left some energy.May I asked have you had...
  12. J

    Michelle Lucas, Virginia Beach claims 4-year-old Andrew talks dead marine

    I also don't like the name ghost within my child.makes the children sound possessed or something.Only good thing is is its another show making people more aware of reincarnation.
  13. J

    Anyone ever heard of the website IISIS?

    thanks so much for mentioning the site.I had not seen it before and have added to bookmarks.
  14. J

    Why Are Some People's Past Lives Thrust In Front Of Them...

    People remember past lives differently.some remember them through dreams and don't even realize it.I am a new comer to the world of reincarnation.I am one of those that did not pay much attention to his dreams.(except when it came to a few premonitions here and there. Not sure if I can think of...
  15. J

    Reoccuring Dreams

    dreams can be past life connected.Someone here suggested this before, but maybe keep a diary or something you can record what you just dreamed.For me personally sometimes dreams are premonitions of the future.(sometimes it maybe something about to happen to me in a few weeks or months.As to why...
  16. J

    If We Reincarnate With New Bodies And Voices, How Can We Maintain Our Talents

    To answer your question yest it would be hard to dance in a bigger body.Maybe the soul did not want to be a dancer in this life.We do get to choose which life we go with.Dancing might be just one of many aspects it might be good with.Not everyone finds out what they very good at.(if that makes...
  17. J

    My Past Life Regression Experience

    This is not from experience but from what I have heard.Sometimes asking the date is a bit hard for people to remember and can disturb a regression.There are some self regression videos on here and youtube if your interested in finding out more.
  18. J

    Possible case of same-family reincarnation or am I insane?

    A big welcome to this forum.As mentioned above its not at all unusual for there to be same family reincarnation.like stated above keep a diary of all these events.He will begin to forget as he get older.Their are also some other members here that have experienced same family reincarnation.The...
  19. J

    Depression - guilt of the murders of past lives

    I want you to know that all those souls have forgiven you. There is no hate in the afterlife. I don't pretend to know what your going through.I know it easier said then done but if you are to move on.You need to look at where you are now and not where you been. The guilt may not go over night...