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    Past life as an alchemist?

    I'm posting the following for humor value mainly, but you never know where the truth really lies.... I attended one of those Mind, Body and Spirit Expo events in my area a couple of weeks ago. Saw a woman who was giving Akashic Records readings (or however it's spelled) and decided to give it...
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    soul recognition and its important in forming friendships

    I thought of this topic after receiving a letter from a friend the other day. To give a little background, we met 3 years ago at a local womens' group, and I liked her from the start. Before long we felt comfortable enough with each other to share our thoughts in a meaningful way. But we never...
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    anyone with kundalini experiences?

    I was talking with a reiki practicioner yesterday and she said it sounds like my kundalini (am I spelling it right?) is rising, which is why I've been more open to intuitive experiences. She claimed this often happens to people in their late 30's-early 40's, which happens to be in my age range...
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    something my daughter used to do

    Hello! First time poster here. Glad I found this site; I've read Carol Bowman's book and found it fascinating! Anyway, this post refers to when my now 6-year-old daughter was about 3 1/2. We were given a double bed that had been in my husband's family. Shortly after that she would gather up...