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    How do you encourage a child to remember?

    Hi imamama2ru and welcome! If I recall correctly, Carol comments in her first book that a parent's openness and awareness of reincarnation often sets the stage for a child to begin telling PL stories. So what you've noticed isn't unusual. Loved the story about your "soulmate" friend and what...
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    A Near-Death Experience and images of a son's past life

    Titus Rivas, thank you for sharing your research case with us. The boy's behavior is very interesting, especially since he stopped his military interests after visiting a concentration camp. Perhaps he remembered the "horrors of war" from having once been a soldier at such a camp and his...
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    visiting where we lived before

    Hi Aquaria - if you're fairly certain of the location then I feel it's a good idea to visit the area. What have you got to lose? You may learn something about that PL that will help in this life. I would advise, however, in keeping an open mind about what you may or may not experience. Last...
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    Little things

    Interesting stories here! I could be wrong, but the use of "dinner" for a noonday meal instead of lunch is probably more widespread than the Southwest - for instance, there are rural parts of the southern Midwest in which that holds true too. As far as children's PL behaviors, I used to...
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    Children who remember DIFFERENT CULTURES

    Folks, it is so nice of you to post to give Neonhaze77 more information, but please keep in mind that her last post in this thread was about 2 1/2 years ago - she may not be around on this forum anymore. Aimee
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    Advice for Parents

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Deborah - you're right, it's a great review. Aimee
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    3 year old son and memories?

    Hi Carmelle and welcome to the forum. It sounds like your son is possibly remembering 2 past lives. Have you had a chance to read the sticky in this section "The Four Signs of Children's Memory"? Or any of the other stories here? You could get some clues as to how to proceed. You may also...
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    oklahoma city bombing

    Rae70, it was Lakeah's daughter who's been having the possible PL memories. When I said I'd had a vague recollection of the daycare center in that building, I was referring to what I recalled from news reports. Sorry if I didn't make myself more clear. Aimee
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    oklahoma city bombing

    Thanks for posting all that, Dove. I had a vague recollection of a daycare center being housed in that building; that's what came to mind about Lakeah's daughter and her memories. Aimee
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    oklahoma city bombing

    Hi Lakeah - I'm not sure if I've seen any such stories here but I might have missed some. Do you have specifics of what your daughter's saying that you care to share? Aimee
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    I think my son was a knight!

    Hi Nuttynutmeg and welcome to the forum! It sounds like you're handling the situation fine, especially with letting Spencer know that a sword won't hurt him. Sounds like he may have memories of a life in medieval times. It'd be interesting to get some children's books that describe that era -...
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    Japanese Past Lives (merged)

    Great job - in my opinion, forgiveness - whether it be for ourselves or for others - is one of the most important things we can do in this life - or past ones. Now move forward! Aimee
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    It sounds so crazy!

    HI again Moonwick and thanks for the shortbread story and the other tidbits - those were the kinds of things I was looking for when I asked if she had ever said anything unusual that would have seemed to pertain to your grandma. The more specific such stories are, the better able one can...
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    16mth old beginning to indicate past life

    Interesting, Klarry, especially considering the "precociousness" of wanting things a woman would use. How old was Karen's mother when she died? I was wondering what significance, if any, there was to Molly wanting those "female-only" items. Will Karen try to discreetly ask Molly why she...
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    My Sons Fear of Water

    Hi Rae70. There could possibly be a connection, as a 7-year-old, indeed, could have a very traumatic reaction to water upon learning that his father died at sea. But you never know - his fear of water could be due to a PL in which he drowned somehow. It can be hard to tell. You may wish to...
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    It sounds so crazy!

    Personally, I think it happens more than people realize. Carol Bowman's 2nd book, Return From Heaven, discusses this phenomena; you may wish to read this book. It's very interesting. However, it can be really hard to know if it's truly a reincarnation, or if family members are seeing what...
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    Is this a past life dream? (merged)

    You're welcome and I'm glad the feedback helped! I have a feeling that past-life dreams are more common than one realizes, but either people aren't very open to what the dream is trying to say or simply don't recall enough of the dream to know what's going on. Just a couple of nights ago I...
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    VIDEO and Good article about James Leininger

    Very well done article, Steve - thanks for posting it! Aimee
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    Is this a past life dream? (merged)

    Hi Volchitsa and welcome to the forum! An interesting dream indeed and one with a lot of detail. There certainly seems to be a historical flavor to it and like Curious Girl suggested, you may want to check out costume history information to see what matches up with the outfits you saw in the...
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    nightmare in a child too young to talk

    I second Kelly's motion, Diane - please do keep us posted on how he progresses and if any of the suggestions mentioned here work for you. Looks like you've gotten some great advice. Aimee