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  1. lonewolf

    The Last Post - WWI Memories

    Why am I not surprised that no one else shares my feelings on this? Lonewolf
  2. lonewolf

    Moving Through Grief

    Ailish, I cannot, at the moment, speak to the issue of past life loss. Perhaps that is because I still feel too strongly the experience of loss in this, my present life. In 1994, my brother Andy died of complications from AIDS. There were no romantic, Hollywood-style endings. He died slowly...
  3. lonewolf

    Is society ready for proof of reincarnation?

    Hear hear, Phoenix. This is an important aspect of the problem. Lonewolf
  4. lonewolf

    Is society ready for proof of reincarnation?

    Never underestimate the human tendency for self-deception, or our tendency to explain away inconvenient truths. My feeling on this very interesting question is: we'd find some way to avoid and deny it. Lonewolf
  5. lonewolf

    The Last Post - WWI Memories

    I have long been obsessed with the First World War - and no music captures the memory of lost comrades better than the Last Post. If you have not witnessed this ceremony in person at the Menin Gate in Ypres (Ieper), Belgium, you haven't lived - or at least, you are not in touch with a WWI past...
  6. lonewolf


    Hard Times Anyone else have the feeling in 2009 . . . I've been through this before, I can do it again? And now isn't nearly as hard as it was then? Lonewolf
  7. lonewolf


    If this brings tears to your eyes . . . better yet, if it makes you sob . . . then you remember the Great Depression. Sometimes the most painful times bring out the greatest beauty. Lonewolf
  8. lonewolf

    Russian lifetimes? (merged)

    Soviet Memories? Does this stir anyone? The Soviet national anthem is the most powerful and inspiring in the world, in my opinion. Does anyone remember it? Lonewolf
  9. lonewolf


    I'm never going to know for certain, at least in this life, so I consider validation a bit of a fool's errand (for me). For me, studying reincarnation is exploring possibilities, but I don't want it to degenerate into a dogma. So I'm not seeking proof. I have my deep convictions, that there is...
  10. lonewolf

    What are you reading?

    Anything by Dostoyevsky. But now I'm reading a biography of Davy Crockett and a Saint novel by Leslie Charteris. Don't try to figure me out, you'll fail. Lonewolf
  11. lonewolf

    DNA / Ancestral Memories

    Through Ancestry.com. You can also do it through familytree.com. Lonewolf
  12. lonewolf

    DNA / Ancestral Memories

    It costs in the range of $150-$200. Worth it for me and not difficult. All you have to do is swab your mouth with a Q-tip and mail it in, and the results come in a few weeks. I might suggest that for those who seem to remember being born within families, this might be a great method of...
  13. lonewolf

    DNA / Ancestral Memories

    Jung posed the idea that many of our memories are ancestral. Taking a DNA test is a great way to test it. I took the Y chromosome DNA test (which only males can take), and found, to my surprise, that I am descended paternally from Asiatic steppe dwellers, the Sarmatians and Alans, who lived a...
  14. lonewolf

    Past Lives Suffer Deminishing Returns

    This is a good post, tongue in cheek or not. Arg, the quote by Ken Wilber is well taken. The natural reaction of a skeptic would be that we imagine past lives to make up for the dullness of present life, which is something we need to look at very carefully. Another point worth considering is...
  15. lonewolf

    What is your passion, and how did you find it?

    OMG, I so know what you mean! Academic writing--spent a lot of time doing that--is the DEATH of creativity! Somehow, some way, you must break out of that. It's hard, though! Lonewolf
  16. lonewolf

    What is your passion, and how did you find it?

    Rowan, and Sunniva. Please don't give up on writing. I would suggest sitting down at the computer every evening and writing just anything that comes to mind--for yourself, don't show it to others. Don't worry about literary quality, don't worry about creating a coherent story, just write. You...
  17. lonewolf

    Reincarnation music/Songs about reincarnation (merged)

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the American progressive rock band, Kansas. Several of their songs quite explicitly refer to reincarnation. Lonewolf
  18. lonewolf

    Famous People who believe in Reincarnation

    He had syphilis, as I recall, which caused his mental illness. Lonewolf
  19. lonewolf

    Irrational phobias

    Things I've hated since I was little: Buttons. I loathe them. They're gross. I don't like seeing them on clothes. Worse, I hate seeing them lying in dusty corners. Yuck! Apple skins. The feeling of those things between my teeth gives me monster goose pimples. I also hate getting haircuts...
  20. lonewolf

    Dream Analysis and Past Lives

    Thanks Skarphedinn. I agree with you that dream analysis can be very useful in past life exploration, though from the overall silence that greeted this post I guess that most others couldn't care less about it. Oh well, I thought it was worth bringing up anyway . . . I'll go back to my den now...