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  1. argonne1918

    Someone else's memories stuck in my head

    You can do a self regression using either audio CD, DVD, etc. Dr. Brian Weiss has a good regression video on YouTube. I had success years ago with some Dick Sutphen audio tapes. It may take more than one try, but don't give up.
  2. argonne1918

    I tried self hypnosis but ended up in a rage...(any tips?)

    Also know that it doesn't always work the first time. When I first tried doing self-regression many years ago listening to a cassette tape, it took 3 tries before it worked. When it did work I saw pictures in my mind's eye like a slide show. The pictures were in color with no sound. But I...
  3. argonne1918

    Spontaneous OBE's

    Does he like to read? Get him some books on the subject. Have you ever heard of Dr. Raymond Moody? He wrote the first books on NDE/OBE in the 1970s. Danion Brinkley I think is another more recent one. His happened when he was struck by lightning. I think most OBEs happen as NDE. I...
  4. argonne1918

    Use safari browser to see book links

    Safari is only used by Macs. PC users have a choice between Microsoft, Firefox, etc.
  5. argonne1918

    Was I Fritz Klingenberg?

    It seems very possible to me. I think your reaction to this is a good indication you are on the right track here.
  6. argonne1918

    The Four Signs of Children's Past Life Memory

    Has he read about any WWII military people? Has he seen their pictures? Does he relate to any of them? Does he look like any of them? Does he or you know anything about George S. Patton? Maybe Montgomery "Monte"? James Leninger, who was a WWII pilot shot down in the Battle of Iwo Jima in a...
  7. argonne1918

    Do you approve of cremation?

    Obviously you were buried alive once. Many people were buried because they were thought to be dead. There are cases where coffins were dug up years later and it was discovered the person had come out of the coma and pulled their hair out out when they realized no one could hear their screams.
  8. argonne1918

    for those who were in ww2 (and others...)

    Having died in WWI in 1918 I was lucky to NOT have been here for WWII. I was born 5 years after WWII ended in the current life.
  9. argonne1918

    Lifetimes you don't hear about often

    You hit the nail on the head. It sounds like it's just below the surface but they don't want to look or think about it.
  10. argonne1918

    Carol on Oprah

    Wow! This is great. Are these in the video section now? Phil Donahue had a very popular program in the 70s and 80s. He did shows like this once in awhile. Oprah replaced his show. Oprah has had Dr. Brian Weiss on her cable program "Super Soul Sunday". Unfortunately most of her old...
  11. argonne1918

    My introduction

    Welcome to the group. You are no more crazy than any of the rest of us here. Most of us will tell you to start a journal of some kind, even a computer file or table, which helps to sort the different lives from each other. You will be getting fragments from more than one past life. I have...
  12. argonne1918

    Found on facebook; 10/14/16

    This story was featured on the "Ghost Inside My Child" program a few years ago. The show ran for two or three seasons.
  13. argonne1918

    "My old mommy and daddy"

    Start keeping a journal and write everything down as she will probably forget by the time she is 8 or 9. You can ask her open ended questions such as what were their names, what was your name, did you have a car, etc. Best times are when they are sleepy or riding in a car. They have to be in...
  14. argonne1918

    Something I've Found Puzzling...

    I, like many or most of us here, have been a history buff since I was little. I think history buffs have subconscious past life memories whether they are aware of it or not. The historical time periods they are most interested in give clues to their past lives. Have you watched Civil War...
  15. argonne1918

    Life is stranger than fiction

    He certainly looks like he knows what he's doing.
  16. argonne1918

    Clairvoyant and female in this life, Medium and male in a National Socialist Past?

    Welcome to the forum. There are several people here who were involved with the Third Reich and other aspects of WWII. Read the past messages.
  17. argonne1918

    Helping a child remember...

    Have you asked him to draw what or who he is afraid of? Sometimes that works when they don't have the vocabulary to describe what they are seeing or dreaming. It does sound like it could be past life related. It also sounds like you and he are very psychic. Start keeping a journal and write...
  18. argonne1918

    "The Moose is Going to Get Me"

    They don't always get the facts right, especially if they were really young when they died. This sounds like he was in a car that struck a deer or moose on the road at night. "Road kill". A large animal may have caused the car to crash or roll off a cliff, hit a tree, etc. The car indicates...
  19. argonne1918

    Texas woman wakes up from surgery with a British accent and even uses British slang

    And many times American videos are blocked on this side of the "pond". We have to settle for watching British videos. Has to do with copyright issues and who is getting paid for them.
  20. argonne1918

    "How to" instructions on questioning children on past lives.

    It helps to keep a journal and write things down. Otherwise you will forget and they won't remember. They have to be in the right frame of mind or "in the zone". They will suddenly blurt something out and then when you ask them about it a minute later they will have no memory of what they...