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    Clothing Triggers

    Yes, I definitely have clothing triggers, specifically any type of military uniform (all of the lives I remember so far have involved me being in the military in some function or another, until this life, that is.) Probably the strongest clothing trigger would be leather flight jackets...
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    Reincarnating without soulmates

    I haven't found anyone from my most recent past life (in WWII) except one person, who I was never close to in that life (In fact, we didn't like each other -- we are close friends in this life, though). I actually think that the people I was close to in that life reincarnated quicker than I...
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    Funny memories

    Thank you for bringing up this topic again. I really loved reading all the posts and I do have my own memory to add to it, something I posted on another forum awhile ago. It's a memory from my WWII life, where I was in the Luftwaffe. I have this memory that I dream about fairly often where I'm...
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    Education and past lives

    I don't directly remember much about it, but I'm pretty sure I went to college in my Civil War life. It may have been law school, but I'm not sure, because I would have been pretty young to be in law school at that time. I do recall that I moved to Chicago to attend college, which seemed like a...
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    Missing you...

    I know how you feel. I miss someone, too, my commanding officer from my WWII life. That might sound strange, but he was so much more than just my commanding officer, he was one of the best friends I had in that lifetime and when he died during the war I was terribly upset. He was extremely young...
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    How Would It Affect You...

    This was pretty much what I was going to say. I don't think it's something I could accept, because I know that I have lived before.
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    Pilot in my previous life?

    It does seem like it would have been a long flight you were on. In my most recent past life I was a fighter pilot, and as Nightrain1 says, eating before/during flying would generally be a bad idea. So I'm inclined to think commercial aviation, as others have said. Do you get any sense of where...
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    How strong would you mark your belief in reincarnation out of 100% ?

    Probably 98%. Occasionally I do have some doubts, but for the most part I believe strongly that reincarnation exists. I have had enough experience with it in my own life and have seen instances of so many people who have had experience with it that I very rarely doubt it.
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    Lists of what you really like and really dislike

    Likes: The German language, the Russian language, military history, men's fashion, animals (especially cats), writing, reading, cooking, eating, drinking with friends, playing cards, watching old movies, Denmark, the color grey, the color red, not wearing shoes, taking risks (both mentally and...
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    Knowing things that you "never knew"

    When I was very little, I used to draw airplanes that looked a lot like the plane I now know I flew in my WWII life. My mom always said they were pretty detailed for someone that age who wasn't familiar with older models of planes. Obviously I'd seen seaplanes and commercial jets before, but I...
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    When did you first start to believe in reincarnation?

    I grew up with it. My parents both believed in it, although they never pushed the belief on me. We talked a lot about religion, spirituality, and various possibilities for what could happen after you die from a very young age. I always thought reincarnation just made the most sense, and so...
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    Denial, Re-running, & Extreme opposites

    Reruns, except for this most recent one. In all of the other past lives I've remembered I've been involved in wars and in the military. World War II, the American Civil War, the American Revolutionary War, and even wars back in the middle ages. So far, I've avoided that in this life. I've...
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    Some Questions in a Poll

    The 'higher powers' can decide for me. In all my previous past lives that I remember, I've been male. In this one, I'm finally female. I don't recall any past lives as a female until this life, but there may have been. For whatever reason, though, those aren't the ones that I recall. In my...
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    To those who recall their past lives in dreams

    My ordinary dreams are definitely unstructured and bizarre, whereas my past life dreams are structured and clearly different from an ordinary dream. I think that's how I can generally tell it's a past life memory rather than just something random influenced by whatever I saw, read, or did...
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    I was a Nazi officer

    Welcome. I recall a past life as a German pilot during WWII, although I didn't die during the war, and I have found that I can learn the German language fairly easily, too, although at this point I'm not actively studying it. Don't worry about anyone being judgmental about your past life like...
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    What do you miss the most from a PL?

    What I miss the most from my most recent life (WWII) is my friends and our camaraderie. It had a lot to do with the war and how we were all in it together, I think. So many of them died during the war and I find myself missing them even in this lifetime. Sometimes I wonder if I met them...
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    Any Depression-Era memories?

    This is similar to what I remember, too. As near as I can figure, I was born in 1913 in my last life, and was a German fighter pilot during WWII, so I was a teenager/young adult during the early 30s. I do have some memories of the 1930s, although a lot of my memories are from during the war.
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    What centuries did you live in?

    The first life I remember was late 1100s and early-to-mid 1200s. The other life I remember was the early 1900s to the mid 1900s. I believe I had a life during the 1800s in the Civil War, and the 1700s in the Revolutionary War, but I haven't had many memories about those.
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    Did you switch genders since your most recent PL?

    Yes, but this is the first life I recall having switched genders. I'm now a female--all my other remembered lives are male.
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    Soul reaction

    For me, my reaction was very... anticlimactic (I'm not sure if that's the right word, but I think so) upon seeing a photo of my past life self. It felt the same as if I'd looked at a photo of my present life self. "Oh, that's me" was pretty much my only thought, and I didn't think much of it...