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  1. Carol

    Inter-forum collaboration discussion

    Hello, All! I'm so grateful that there was so much support for this new, "modern" incarnation of the Forum, and that Debbie, Tinkerman, and many others have kept it going for 25 years! Thanks to all of you!! Over the years, some things change (like the improved software), and many remain the...
  2. Carol

    Debbie is Stepping Down; Tinkerman is Stepping Up

    With huge gratitude, and a little sadness, I'm announcing that Debbie is retiring from her role as Executive Director, Grand Leader, and Head Goddess of the Reincarnation Forum. She's been the driving force and inspired leadership of the Forum ever since she going in April, 1997. The Forum...
  3. Carol

    "Surviving Death" (netflix program) - Reincarnation

    Suuny 1994 and Summer785, Do either of you know if Atlas's former family had been notified about Atlas before the show aired? And was the former family harassed? Please tell me what you know.
  4. Carol

    Celebrating 21 Years online!

    Again, thanks to Debbie and all of the moderators who have gone above and beyond to keep the Forum going. Without Debbie's leadership, there would be no Forum. I just want to make that clear! Also, we've had such wonderful moderators who have come and gone, and some who have stuck around for...
  5. Carol

    Celebrating 21 Years online!

    What a nice surprise to start our 22nd year! Many thanks to Deborah and all of the moderators who have kept the Forum going! We appreciate all who have supported the Forum over the years--either through serving as moderators, or as active members, or those who have donated money towards...
  6. Carol


    If a memory is coming up spontaneously, as it is for your daughter, I suggest that you and your husband read my first book, Children's Past Lives. I offer advice on how to talk to a young child who is having spontaneous memories. Your husband is right: you really can't regress a child that...
  7. Carol

    Intrigued and Frustrated

    Welcome to the Forum. Please know that what you and your son are experiencing is not that unusual. As you can see from the many posts on this Forum, young children do remember previous lives, and are sometimes confused by what happened before, and their present-life experiences. You can help...
  8. Carol

    My daughter's past life

    Hi Amarillas, Is your daughter still troubled by her memories? Does she have any behaviors that connect to the story she has told? Abandonment issues, separation anxiety, anything that might relate to the past life event? If so, let us know. There are ways you can help her.
  9. Carol

    My son remembers a past life

    Welcome to the Forum! Just to get some clarity on your situation: Are you thinking that your son is your uncle reborn? You said that Chris was your grandmother's child, and that your Mum (grandmother) took care of your son. Is that correct? Is this the same person who recently died...
  10. Carol

    Hey, why is my kid speaking French?

    It might be interesting to get some basic French CDs and see how she responds to them. It is likely that she was a French- speaking person in a past life, probably her most recent one. That would explain her unlearned ability. You might want to casually show her images of France--the Eiffel...
  11. Carol

    Isn't Notifying the Other Family Important?

    Iris, There is no need to defend Dr. Tucker. As we all agree, he is doing excellent work, as did Dr. Stevenson. His approach is different, that's all. No one is disputing his qualifications, and no one implied that he's treating the children as "lab rats." That's your interpretation. I...
  12. Carol

    Isn't Notifying the Other Family Important?

    Iris, In my first meeting with Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker, in the late 90s, I asked Dr. Stevenson privately why he never wrote about children healing as a result of talking about their past life memories, as I saw with my own children and others. He said, "You can't prove it." My reply...
  13. Carol

    Isn't Notifying the Other Family Important?

    Eric, I wanted to jump in here and comment. In the case of the child who remembers being a 9-11 fireman, the mother had identified who the child was in a previous life, and she shared that information with me privately. She did not want to share that information with the public before she...
  14. Carol

    3 year old with a vivid past

    It's good to hear from you again! So glad to hear that Steven is doing better. It sounds as if his memories are fading, or he's letting go of the painful feelings and now feels safe. I just read your other post about your daughter's memories. Now that you're experienced, you can talk to her...
  15. Carol

    Michelle Lucas, Virginia Beach claims 4-year-old Andrew talks dead marine

    I've been in touch with the producer of "Ghost Inside My Child" about this mother and child. The producer gave the mother my contact information, but I haven't heard from her yet. In fact, I've offered my help to any of the families since this show began. No one has contacted me. You'd think...
  16. Carol

    3 year old with a vivid past

    One more thing that just occurred to me: The image of the playpen is a touchstone to that lifetime, making it real for both of you. Perhaps it's providing grounding for that other experience for your son, so he can begin to differentiate that experience from the present. By seeing that image...
  17. Carol

    3 year old with a vivid past

    UKwood, We do carry the energy of unresolved past life issues with us. They can manifest physically, emotionally, and mentally. Once the memories are resolved--talked about, let go of--the emotions, which are usually bundled with the physical symptoms, can be healed. If the memories are...
  18. Carol

    My 2-yr-old obsessed with past life... Need help

    Sofia, Thank you for sharing the good news with us! That's wonderful!! I think you did the right thing in keeping her home from nursery school once she expressed her fear of losing you. There's plenty of time for her to go to school, since she's just a two-year-old. She's been through SO...
  19. Carol

    Dr. Morris Netherton

    Definitely check out Dr. Netherton's book, Past Lives Therapy, which is no longer in print; you can find used copies through Amazon. It is the seminal book on past life therapy, the first of its kind, and very thorough. After all of these years, it still holds up, and is a good resource for...
  20. Carol

    My daughters past life- she died in 9-11

    Michelle June, I wrote about a case in my second book about a father who received information about his son as he was being born. It came to him in a flash that his son had been a Marine who was killed in the American Embassy bombing in Beirut in the 80s. This information later helped the...