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  1. Yellow Roses

    What memories would you want to share?

    I want to share or remember those I grew up with, they seem more important as the years go by--family, close friends, fun things we did, how dear those things are to me now. I'd want to share memories of my brother who died too young. He was a remarkable human being and shouldn't be...
  2. Yellow Roses

    How does reincarnation explain dementia?

    My grandfather lived to be 100. For the last 15 years of his life he didn't know his name. But the strange thing was, he could recount incidents that happened on the ranch in Texas when he was 2, and sometimes would go into monologues about one thing or another. It always struck me as...
  3. Yellow Roses


    Soul Mates When I was about 9 I dreamed of a dark haired little boy walking through rainy streets with tall buildings on either side. When I was 16 I met him. If there is such a thing as 'twin souls', and I'm still not sure how I feel about that, then he was mine. One day looking at him a...
  4. Yellow Roses

    Who were you in your Past Life?

    As close as I can make it at the moment Neolithic person - the single memory of this is a lucid dream of leaping through a stand of tall ferns dressed in skins, holding hands with someone and laughing. Whether I was the male or female, I don't know. Thutmose IV 14th Century B.C.E. Roman...
  5. Yellow Roses

    What do you do?

    I was a Respiratory Therapist for more than 20 years, doing Level One Trauma, and other modalities, until something intervened and I fell and fractured nearly every bone in my foot, ending my career. I had been wanting out of it for a long time, but was unable to make the break, so, like I...
  6. Yellow Roses

    What does your user name say about you?

    Yellow Roses Yellow Roses for my grandmother and her sister, who grew the most amazing roses, and were from Texas. The two of them raised me until I started school, and loved me unconditionally. Also yellow roses are the symbol of remembrance. Roses were a symbol of a past-life family, so...
  7. Yellow Roses

    Question about pharaoh names in Ancient Egypt

    Some Info on Egyptian names, etc. Allie- Egyptian Pharoahs had several names, each for a different aspect of kingship or in honor of important deities. Just for example, here are the names of the 18th Dynasty ruler we call Thutmose IV: Horus name: Kanakht Tutkhau Nebty name...
  8. Yellow Roses

    what does your name mean?

    A few do pick their own names Smith- I do think that in some cases the spirit about to be born does influence the name. A friend I used to work with told me a story about one of her children. (She had 9). She was in the hospital before he was born and dozed off for a few minutes from...
  9. Yellow Roses

    "I's Heziah, and we's fishin'."

    Seeing experiences It's unusual for me to get any 'visuals' with the regression tapes. My visuals usually come in the form of vivid dreams, or visions between waking and sleeping. That is one of the things that made the whole 'Heziah' experience so unusual. I hadn't a clue anything like...
  10. Yellow Roses

    what does your name mean?

    I do not feel 'sympatico' with my name I have always hated my name. Deborah (Debbie) seems like a generic name, it never felt like me. It is hard growing up when literally half the girls in class have the same name--it makes it difficult to feel like an individual. When Mom was pregnant my...
  11. Yellow Roses

    New Member Introductions - December 2012

    WWII as well I too, have a WWII life, though as a member of the Dutch Resistance. There are several people here who have lives during that time. There is a reason we are all here at this time. Welcome!:tongue:
  12. Yellow Roses

    At the moment of death

    My grandmother came to me I was always exceptionally close to my Dad's mother. She had raised me until I was five, and our bond was close. I once heard her tell a relative when she did not know I could hear her, "Debbie and I aren't anything alike, but we love each other more than any two...
  13. Yellow Roses

    PL Memories of Death

    What I Remember I remember being fearful and knowing I was going to die during my life as a young Irish immigrant girl. I was a tiny person, and was hugely pregnant, with no medical aid of any kind, save the women in the tenement building. And it came to me that I haddied. I don't remember...
  14. Yellow Roses

    The medieval memories sharing circle

    Some Historical Background on Agincourt I'm sorry if you have already found this info, but am including it FYI if you haven't. The impression you get from reading history having to do with Henry V, is of a very capable man, driven to the point of obsession over his questionable right to the...
  15. Yellow Roses

    "famous" incarnations?

    On Being Well-known Being a famous person in another life is not all it's cracked up to be, for sure. I received very negative feedback from my family who used it to try and prove my insanity, the irony was that they were using a different, more well known, person from the same family, and...
  16. Yellow Roses

    Past life trauma?

    Help from Owl Unable to register at military site. I repeatedly get an ad for Dish Network. When I click visually impaired, which I am, I get a list of web sites. This is confusing.
  17. Yellow Roses

    An Egyptian memory

    Joining the Light Ankhesenamun, interesting post. Do you remember anything of her afterlife? The reason I ask is my experience with it enabled me to let go of the 18th Dynasty life. The life wasn't totally negative, but I needed to move on. This is a lifetime that came through...
  18. Yellow Roses

    "I's Heziah, and we's fishin'."

    A couple of years ago I was doing Wolger's reincarnation tape off and on. I had always felt a strong connection to a childhood friend I hadn't seen in 30 years. One day I decided what the H and I googled her name. She is a professor of one of the biological sciences at a large university. We...
  19. Yellow Roses

    Are you afraid of death..?

    Dying I've never been afraid of death, only of the suffering that can lead to it. It has always seemed like a welcome tunnel or happy reunion somehow. I get to be with all those I've missed so after they left this life, friends, family, and the many happy reunions with those I didn't get a...
  20. Yellow Roses

    Need Advice Here, Folks

    Many Thanks for Your Kind Words Thank you both so much for your words of comfort and wisdom. I've been living with this for awhile and it feels wonderful to share it, it's not the kind of thing most people would understand. I do talk to David sometimes, to let him know, it's o.k., whatever...