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    What country are you from?

    I have lived in Greece,France and currently live in the U.S.
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    Anybody know the first names their PLs?

    I know that one of my past life names was "Xanthippos" (ancient Greece) and another started with "Arist-" but I don't know the ending.
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    Knowing what you looked like in a previous life?

    I have generally an idea of what I looked like, even if I don't see myself (inside body experience), I know basic physical traits such as hair, eye and skin color. However for one lifetime, I know exactly how I looked like. I had a vision of a few seconds of my past life face. I noticed we had a...
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    What does your user name say about you?

    Mine is just my real name with my surname initial capitalized ;)
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    How did you die?

    Since I've just started experiencing memories, I don't know much of my past lives deaths. I only know about one of them. I was 16 or 17, in Ancient Greece,contemplating suicide on the edge of a small cliff, that gave onto a forest. I jumped off, believing I would fall to my death, which I...
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    Building Forts as a Child

    With my siblings, we used to barricade ourselves in our food pantry (in the basement) with nerf guns or we would try to build a wooden fort in the forest. We would always be obsessed with having multiples palissades and defensive arms on them. We would use mostly more "archaic" types of...