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  1. V

    Soul Trap: Evidence for forced incarnation / reincarnation from pre-birth memories

    Hi. This is a compilation of pre-birth memories that indicate forced incarnation / reincarnation is a thing. https://onlinetextsharing.com/forced-reincarnation-soul-trap-several-cases-suggestive-of-forced-incarnation Archive...
  2. LadyRosemary

    Reincarnation of and literal dead ringer for St. Bernadette Soubirous without my glasses on

    here is a question put to all of you here: Can saints be reincarnated? my proof of reincarnation: i have partial memories which need to be unlocked, these memories that i remember partially are: 1) The statue of The Blessed Mother in the garden in the Nevere Convent 2) in that life and this i...