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vietnam war

  1. G

    A Past Life from the Vietnam War

    Interesting case researched by Dr. Jim Tucker in the recent past (2017ish?). Pretty sure it's unpublished but Dr. Tucker has discussed it in at least two interviews I've seen on youtube. He talks about the case in the context of new methodology that he's developed for interviewing young...
  2. A

    Vietnam War Past Life Stories

    Hi, everyone. I'm just wondering if any of you have and want to talk about past lives during the Vietnam war. My past life during the war has been a part of who I am for over half a decade now. Sometimes I still have flashbacks and find myself crying like a baby. Some other memories are...
  3. landsend

    hồn ma, wandering souls

    The Vietnamese people hold a belief that if a person dies violently, prematurely, and subsequently fails to be buried in ancestral land, then the person becomes hồn ma – wandering souls. The wandering soul is vengeful, full of hate, full of hurt. Restless, they are angry at the living. They are...