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    I am an Argentinian teen boy (17 years old). When i was 7 years old i was so much interested in the War (specially Malvinas/Falklands War, 1982). I am so identified with the majority of the National Socialist politics.

    Ago 1 or 2 months, i had a dream (a few days before i watched some WW2 movies and games, as usual):

    I hadn't any control of the dream, it was like as movie in first person.

    I was an German Officer (I just know, i don't know of what German's force) in a bunker, i remember we was fighting against the Soviets. Some of my subordinates were playing cars in a round table (reel of wood). I grab one and take him off the table and i ordered them to go to combat positions. I back to the window (front) of the bunker were are some soldiers with a MG-42 (i think). I saw the shadow of some Soviets (out of the bunker) running towards me with his guns. I wake up with no reason (headshot?).

    Out of the bunker there was a lot fog of the same colour of this:
    The first image is like how i seen the Soviets out of the bunker.
    The second image is the color of fog i seen.

    I remember that the soldiers in my dream dressed the classic Wehrmacht color (green). I don't remember any symbol or insignia.

    My great-grandfather was a Real communist (i think he born and lived in Argentina in 1917 and died in 2011).

    When i see something old (building or a thing) or a NSDAP's Germany i get nostalgic. It could be because the house of my great-grandfathers is in my house and i miss them?

    Parents of my great-grandmother:
    Father: French Basque (Vasco Francés)
    Mother: Venice, Italy (Venecia, Italia)

    Parents of my great-grandfather:
    Father: Italy
    Mother: Portugal

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    Hi Lautaro!
    Everything that you’re talking about sounds like a past life memory (no control of the dream and life-like elements within in). And the feeling of nostalgia when seeing certain buildings and anything related to that era is also a big red flag (no pun intended). I also lived, and died, during that war on the German side, and have talked to many others who think the same. What you’re describing is very normal!
    I never have been sold on the idea that our heritage has influence over our memories, mostly due to most folks I’ve talked with have zero current connections with what they remember. I’ve had my memories from what feels like since birth, and no one in my current family has anything to do with war, politics, etc.

    As a side note, I am from the USA but moved back here after years living in Argentina. Such a beautiful country—-I really miss it.
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    Hello. As Inhaltslos said, what you describe sounds indeed like a past life. Keep a dream journal, get immersed in the topic and you 'll experience the bliss of first remembering and have a wonderful year of self discovery. I'm Argentinian too and I also started to have past life memories at 17 after watching Der Untergang. My life changed in many ways due to remembering.
    I used to list my heritage every time I could as well, although I think that is SS related. Btw, check the gallery under 9th of July for triggers, although I think the shop does not exist anymore.
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