100 Reincarnation Cases In Pingyang: Extraordinary True Stories of Kam People Who Recall Past Lives

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    “100 Reincarnation Cases in Pingyang: Extraordinary True Stories of Kam People Who Recall Past Lives” is a book by Mr. Changzhen Li that documents the author’s investigative journey deep into the homeland of the Kam people (officially the Kam ethnic group of China), located in the area between the provinces of Hunan and Guangxi in China. The book offers a comprehensive account of Mr. Li’s work with 100 “Reincarnators” from the area of Pingyang, as well as dozens of its surrounding rural villages. All case studies are carefully documented to preserve the authenticity of their narratives, with accompanying video interviews available for reference.

    While there had been many accounts of reincarnation in the world in which the subjects were able to recall memories from a past life, the cases detailed in this book are unique in that their subjects share a rare ability to recall memories from the intermediary stage between death and rebirth. This unusual trait reveals groundbreaking and thought-provoking details about the activities of spirits beyond the land of the living, and offers an invaluable addition to the field of reincarnation research. Other similar publications in this field, such as Dr. Ian Stevenson’s collected works, had documented more than 2,600 reincarnation cases, but very few of them included accounts of this intermediary stage. As such, Mr. Li’s book may be the world’s most comprehensive account of this subject at the present time, and uncovers a myriad of unprecedented details concerning the activities of the spirits, including rare cases in which two-spirited individuals reincarnate into two separate beings, an in-depth description of how birthmarks are formed under the influence of a reincarnating spirit, the biophysical characteristics of spirits and their abilities, details on how spirits enter and exit from an incarnation, the flight speed of certain spirits, solid evidence supporting the hypothesis of memories being stored within the soul rather than the brain, and even two underworld enforcers working for Yama! .
    Juniper Tale:1-11; 22; 31-105
    Kilian O'Donnell: 14; 15/16; 17/18; 19/20/21; 25
    The kindle Edition in Amazon includes 495 Photos.

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    Thank you for posting Changzhen Li, the stories are no doubt of interest. However, I hope that you read the forum guidelines and understand the area about self-promotion and abide by those requests.
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