4 year old daughter sudden trauma with Water/Rain

Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by Arbie, Apr 3, 2021.

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    I need some insight if my child is remembering an event from her past life.

    She suddenly afraid of the rain and told me our house will be washed out by the rain. She even use her hand like in meditation to stop the rain.

    Then, when she was washing her hands she screamed running towards me saying the water is going up and it's to dangerous. When I tried to open the faucet she screamed and asked me to turn it off.

    Just today, shw screamed while taking a bath. She asked me to turn off the shower. And when it's my time, she screamed and asked me to come out. "please mommy don't do it. The water's gonna come up and it's too dangerous. Stop please!" Screaming out loud and almost break our bathroom door.

    I asked her where she saw it and she said the water is coming up and it's dangerous.

    I showed her a video of Tsunami just after her screaming and she confirmed that is what she's trying to say.

    That was the first time she saw a Tsunami. She's not watching news, drama, movies with such content. She only watches cartoons with no Tsunami or flood scene.
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    Hi Arbegail,

    Welcome to the forum!
    It seems that there is a very plausible reason to think of past life experiences with your girl. I can only advise you to let her express herself over and over again until the panic attacks become less intense and until they finally vanish.

    If you think her situation becomes problematic for herself, you might consider taking her to a therapist (if you can afford it). Of course, this professional should be qualified to handle reincarnation stories.
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    Hello Arbie,

    My heart breaks for your little girl. When I was her age I was like that with thunder and lightning. Summer thunderstorms would put me in a complete dither. What I wish my mother had done was get me to express myself like Fireflydancing mentioned.

    When she's calm and settled, you may want try to teach her about how faucets work and that she has control over how fast the water comes out of it and how much comes out of it. In the scenario she described to you she had no control over her situation and that was very frightening to her. But now she has control over it -- she can stop it. It's worth a shot.

    I don't know what to tell you about the rain since the rain/thunder combo used to freak me out. When I was older, I was able to read up on thunderstorms and teach myself about them. Once I understood how they worked they weren't as frightening, though it took me decades to get over my uneasiness with them. But, we're all different.

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