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    I'm posting this one especially for Baby rn in case she ever comes across this thread. The unidentified firefighter could easily have been her son's past-life personality or someone just like him.

    The Unidentified Firefighter: July 28, 2020 interview of a young, articulate 9/11 Survivor who reflects on the life she was given because of an anonymous firefighter in the Stairwell of the North Tower (1 WTC) who gave up his tomorrows so others could enjoy theirs.

    Here's an accompanying news article about Moushumi's encounter with the anonymous firefighter who helped her up after she had tripped on the stairs somewhere in one of three stairwells of the North Tower, somewhere around the 30th - 35th floor.


    In firefighting, unlike in the military, Fire Officers lead from the front and thus are the first to enter a building. On 9/11 they were the ones charging up the stairwells of the towers to size up the situation on the fire floors 80 stories above the lobby.
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