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A beekeeper in the 1930's

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Although, I was not born (in this lifetime) until 1952, I feel that I may have lived in the 30's also. A memory that I have is one of owning a parcel of land upon which I built a small home and outbuildings where I kept animals and raised bees. I was somewhat self-sufficient and the the place was like heaven on earth to me -- I loved my life there. I was a fairly young man when I built this place and lived there many years. I remember a whitewashed building where I processed honey and that was important to me for some reason. I had not thought about this until now but in this lifetime, I was interested in beekeeping when I was a teenager and I took beekeeping classes with an old gentleman and became a certified apiarist (although I am not a beekeeper).

I also remember driving past the ruins of this same place when I was maybe in my 70's. I was driving an old pickup truck and it was perhaps a 1937 truck. The old homestead had burned down.The place had decayed and become so overgrown that evidence of habitation was difficult to see.

I have for a good part of my life looked for this place everywhere I go and on television documentaries or still photos. I am always looking for this place. I used to think that it was in Colorado for some unknown reason -- I grew up there mostly. I don't have any reason to think that was the place though. Perhaps it is not a country road anymore and I would never recognize it.

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