A new reincarnation paper concerning my past-life authorship

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    I have recently published an article in Real Parnormal Magazine, UK concerning my past-life co-authorship of "A Christmas Carol" (which was re-worked and falsely claimed by Charles Dickens). However much it seems, at first glance, that this is a wild claim, it represents 11 years of rigorous research into this past life, and it presents solid evidence. I had posted earlier about this, but somehow that post ended up way down at the bottom of one I had posted last year, before I had published the paper. This is a new topic--inasmuch as the topic is the paper and new evidence--and I would ask the moderators to please treat it as such.

    My paper can be downloaded from the following link:


    The name of the paper is: "Evidence That A Christmas Carol Was Originally Written by Mathew Franklin Whittier and Abby Poyen Whittier Rather Than by Charles Dickens."
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    HI Steve! Long time no see. I have some free time next week and will check this out. 11 years research is impressive! Looking forward to it and discussing it with you. ;)

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