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A Past Life from the Vietnam War

Interesting case researched by Dr. Jim Tucker in the recent past (2017ish?). Pretty sure it's unpublished but Dr. Tucker has discussed it in at least two interviews I've seen on youtube. He talks about the case in the context of new methodology that he's developed for interviewing young children with past-life memories. The relevant cut starts at about 21:20 min in the following youtube clip and goes to about 28 minutes:



Here goes nothing-

As I am writing this, I am imagining the reader and can't help but think I'm full of ****-- or nuts. I promise that I am not crazy, but I cannot verify anything with times, dates, or names. I read a lot of stories here that have dreams of the war. Not me. Not one. What I do have and always have had since I was a child, is an weird fascination/obsession with the Vietnam war. I could not get enough of stories, footage, movies, history classes, etc. My obsession goes beyond that, though. I have, sometimes more than others, a real desire to go back. I know it's impossible, but I SO wish I could. This feeling was especially prominent as a teenager and through my 20s. Gradually it faded.

Fast Forward to 2011 when I met my future wife's father (My father in law now). He, being a Nam vet in the Army's 1st Cav, came back home with 3 purple hearts and a silver star for valour. When I met him and seen a few picture of his tour in Vietnam, that extremely intense feeling of being connected to that war came flooding back; this time, with a vengeance. I can go some months without thinking of the war at all. Other times, I sit for hours scouring the internet for more photos or videos. I have seen a lot of them several times. I just can't seem to shake this feeling of wanting to go there. I know it sounds crazy, (trust me!), but I have this pull to go back to Vietnam in the late 1960s. Khe Sanh, Heu, herever.

I'll end this post with a disclaimer. I, in no way, mean any disrespect to the men who fought and died in that war. I feel trepidation even posting something like this, thinking I may be upsetting someone who doesn't understand. But I came across this page on a search and I want to just get this off my chest and share it with someone other than my wife. She's is aware of my connection to that place and time, but I never told her of my deep desire to go back. I don't know why I want to go back. I just do. I want to fight and be "in the ****" again. The heat, the smell, the noise, the camaraderie. I want it all.

Thanks for reading.