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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Old_Fart, Jul 7, 2021.

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    Jul 7, 2021
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    Since Adam and Eve were the very first two humans in existence, where
    did their souls come from?

    It’s like the chicken and the egg argument…..which came first?

    Also, as their family grew, where did their souls come from; whereas,
    at this point-in-time in human history, nobody has died yet to be reincarnated.

    Consequently, this pretty much nullifies the current day foundation of reincarnation.
    Am I missing something?
  2. Cyrus

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    Jul 25, 2018
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    Who told you those personages ever existed at all, to begin with? IMHO

    And who suggested you that reincarnation is a kind of recycling, like the recycling of empty coca-cola bottles or paper bags?

    With maximum respect and tact, I'd venture to suggest reading Michael Newton.


    Best Regards.
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    If we accept the literal interpretation of the account of the creation in Genesis, this would not be the only question which needed to be asked. It does though act as a rewording of the old question about the rapidly-increasing world population compared with the count of previously-deceased humans.

    What though is the foundation of reincarnation? Only that physical life is a kind of container for a spiritual being. If we can account for the creation of physical life from matter, then there doesn't seem any difficulty positing spiritual beings made from whatever is the corresponding substance.

    Unless of course the question is asking whether life is only matter, and nothing more? In that case, God and Genesis and Adam and Eve would disappear from the question too.
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  4. There and back again

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    Jul 16, 2018
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    Cringe this kind of mind is incredibly annoying and generally hate interacting with it in society. How hard is it for those like yourself to reason this isn't the only such world in existence and there are countless sources of which souls can come into existence.
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    The book of Genesis is an allegory for the supposed origin of humanity our predecessors couldn't understand. It wasn't meant to be taken literally because it simply can't be verified.
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    Hi Old Fart,

    I am also a person of "mature" years. ;) The three usual theological positions on this issue are called creationism or infusianism, traducianism, and pre-existence. Creationism posits the unique creation or infusion of a human soul each time a child is conceived. Traducianism accepts the idea that "soul" like body is in some manner derived from the parents. Pre-existence, as usually formulated, accepts the idea that souls were created at some earlier point and had a pre-birth existence prior to entering a human body. Creationism is the most widely held viewpoint.

    All of the above can be made to work with reincarnation by merely accepting the idea that not all spirits being incarnated at any particular time are "originals"--i.e., some or most are repeats (i.e., re - incarnated). Personally, I think that creation of new souls/spirits is ongoing, but I have no idea what percentage of souls are what are referred to around here as "new souls" and what percentage are reincarnated. However, it is usually considered that more "mature" souls can generally be discerned by the maturity and love they show in their life and choices, whereas new or immature souls are characterized by the opposite.

    I hope this answers your question. However, I would have no problem with further discussion if you would like.


    PS--Your question is not an illogical question to ask.
  7. MaVie

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    Jun 1, 2021
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    I combined ideas of reincarnation to learn, to understand surroundings.
    --- Souls are ‘lights’, live in the ‘lights world’, and then souls go to this world live as human.

    I learnt also an idea that animals have souls. Animals population decreased and human population increased.

    After more than ten years reading, learning, watching many stories, articles, videos, now I understand better, such as videos showed babies/toddlers played as professional rock climber, other videos showed 6 years old girls/boys cooked as professional chef. There were also videos showed animals acted like human, example a dog was smoking, and cats were walking/sleeping like human. You may search also videos showed people strange addiction of pony play using horse equipment.

    I keep what I learn for myself, I didn’t discuss with others. I write here because this is a forum. Members of this forum may discover other things.
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    Based on my extensive reading/studying the subject of reincarnation over many years, this is my personal belief. All souls were created at once, there are no new souls being created. Old souls are souls who have incarnated to earth many, many times. There are many other worlds where souls can incarnate. Souls are not created when a fetus begins, nor do they enter the womb until just before or during the birth process. Souls do not have to reincarnate, but learning is faster on this world than in the dimension the souls inhabit, or on some of the other worlds. Animals have souls and can reincarnate, but probably not as humans or vice versa. Harming animals is a more serious offense to the Infinite Light than harming a human. The only judgement is how we judge ourselves, and we can't hide from ourselves. It will take many, many incarnations to "get it right." All learning is the purpose of growing closer to the Light. We each choose the situation we want to be in and what we want to learn. If we accomplish the task(s) we've set ourselves, we will find a way to exit this earth and go back home. There is no heaven or hell, but our home is comparable to what we think of as heaven. Earth is comparable to purgatory.

    As for Adam and Eve and all things relating to the bible. People need to realize that the bible books were written by humans and have been translated/interpreted many times over. I think all religions/myths have some basis in fact which has been distorted or interpreted in different ways. A lot of it are parables, morality plays, etc. If we take it literally and try to toe the "letter of the law," we're missing out on being able to think and reason for ourselves.

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