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Discussion in 'Past Life Regression Therapy' started by Alex6304, Oct 6, 2020.

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    Oct 6, 2020
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    Hello everyone on the forum,

    I have been dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and restlessness, even towards panic for approximately 8 years now. Various degrees of severity/intensity. A few years ago I discovered spirituality/Buddhism to get closer to myself and have a better insight in my situation. Practising ways to “work with it” and trying to take better care of myself. Also because I have been mostly unsatisfied with traditional/conventional mental health care.

    Later on when exploring ways to heal and transform the core causes of my symptoms I discovered (past life) regression, informed myself about it and searched for a therapist.

    I was very tensed, especially the first time I went there, but still very motivated. But since having done 2 sessions now I haven’t really been able to experience anything of the past that is connected to my current state. We only have been able to work with the techniques and retrieve a bit of more general info from the subconscious.

    Hopefully someone here on the forum could give me some advice about what to do or why it could be that I am not having an actual past life regression or memory. My therapist told me that she thought it was mainly just different with everyone.

    Every piece of advice is very much appreciated. :)
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    Hi Alex6304,

    Depression can't be rid of easily. So my piece of advice for you is that try to think positively. Find a thing that can make you feel at ease. Exercising, Reading bible verses, Listening to a calm music will also help you to get rid of the depression. I hope this advice will help you.
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    i had a terrible depression on the age of 29, but i had manage it with self knowledge tecniques. the first step should be that you need to face youself into a mirror, watch your eyes every morning that you get up from the bed and tell to your self "i love me". do that every day, every day, not matter how are your feelings, you do that whatever happen into your life.
    depression can be cause by
    - low self esteem, low love of yourself. so that can help you to boost up the love for youself.
    - life without hopes or finality. you need to understand what you really want FOR YOU for the life and chase that objective (not what others tells that are better for you to live)
    - bad life\ family situation, bad relations or personal problems with relationships or loneliness. that can be managed if you coltive your self love, and i mean love, not arrogance or proudness, they are two different things.
    if you love yourself, you can also listen and love the others and help the others, that will make much better your relation with other folks.
    if you not love yourself, you can't love also the other.
    so, take care of you, love yourself, and fight the Void. ;)
    for myself astrology helped a lot to understand myself, but each person is unique and need a unique life existence percorse.
    astrology sometime can give a clue about past lives, but can't tell you exactly who you was.
    budhism is a good way for know yourself, but also Bible is good, expecially the Gospels. cause is focused all to love God, the universes and the others.
    I hope you will be fine.
    see soon man :)

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