Any of you have luck finding info on a building before?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Tinnos, Oct 9, 2021.

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    Ok, so. I want to find as much info as I can on a building. Problem is, this building doesn't have any signs on it and the address doesn't give me much. What can I do to get information on it?

    Realistically, I'm thinking not much. If it's just some house and not a "historically important" location, it's probably not in a record. Unless there are records for regular old houses I can sift through?

    The building is on Cara Dušana street in Belgrade, Serbia. The reason I want to find out more is because I was derping around Google street view and ran across it, and it struck me as incredibly familiar. It reminds me of a house I was in, in what I think was a memory, around the early parts of the 20th century. It might not be THE building, but possibly a similar style of building, so I think knowing more about it- like when it was built, for what purpose- might at least be a clue to where that memory house was located.

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit to add: while it was a specific place I wanted to know more about, really I made this thread asking for general tips on building research, so anything is welcome even if it has nothing to do with that one place :)
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    I’ve actually been in this situation. Here’s my two cents. Hope they are of some use.

    A very old church in my Medieval Czech Royalty lifetime dating back to the late 800’s early 900’s, the only foundations that are left, are in the basement of Prague Castle. Same with my castle where I lived and died in (I was murdered during evening prayers) in Tetín, Bohemia. There’s only ruins there now. The entire Prague Castle complex is important to me in two lifetimes, so I am deeply connected the Castle complex and Bohemia and Moravia.

    The thing I learned while researching my WWII lifetime is that buildings will always be demolished and rebuilt. I remember the house where I lived in Charlottenburg (Germany), was near the Shul (which was destroyed in Kristallnacht) on Fasanenstraße near the Ku’damm. I remember from memories walking past the Shul to get home from the U-bahn, and when I went to look for this on a map, that whole area is now shopping and other such buildings.

    The best tip I can give, is to look for old maps of the city. I’ve found them difficult to find, but the buildings you would remember would be on the map.

    all the best,
    Eva x

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