Arctic Whale Hunt

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    Here is one of the memories I have which may be a past life memory:

    This memory takes place in an area that seems to be in or near the Artic. I remember a beach or shore area where these people had a whale that they had captured in a whale hunt and they were slicing the whale in to long strips of whale meat and then they were cutting those strips into smaller square or rectangular peices of meat.

    Then they would stack up maybe about 5 or 6 pieces of the smaller square peices of whale meat and wrap it up in something like seal skin or some sort of white cloth, then they would tie a rope or cord around the these bundles of whale meat to hold them together and then take them somewhere for storage (I think that it is possible that they were taking this whale meat to someplace where it would freeze and they could later use it for food.) I remember that the whale meat had a kind of a smell to it, it wasn't a bad smell, but it was sort of an oily smell, a smell like cooking oil has.

    The people on the beach had clothes that seemed to me like the type of clothes Artic area people would wear. In this memory I was wearing a coat that had an attached hood on it (something like a Parka coat). The hood had gray or white fur around the edges of it this fur fit snugly around my face. I also think that I was wearing high boots that seemed to come up almost to my knee or above. I remember that it was very cold there and when the wind blew the cold would sting my face, but it didn't seem to bother me too much.

    I also think that I was wearing high boots that seem to come up almost or above my knee. Is there someone in this forum who knows something about whale hunts that can tell me if this memory of mine sounds like an actual whale hunt?

    When I think about reincarnation, sometimes wonder if a person could have been his or her own ancestor in a past life. Some of my ancestors were Eastern Finns, and from what I have read about Finns is that some of them are related geneticaly to Siberians. I have a picture of one of my cousins (First cousin twice removed) who lived in Finland and was born around 1900, and it seems to me that when I look a pictures of my ancestors and relatives that the farther back they were born the more they begin to resemble Siberians or Eskimos.

    This just might be my imagination though. I am attaching a picture of my cousin so that I can get other peoples opinion as to whether or not my cousin resembles siberians or eskimos. One thing I'm wondering about is if the person in the whale hunt could have been me as one of my own ancestors.

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